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World war one test

Four causes of the war Militarism- Glorification of the military and war Alliances- When two countries agree to help each other if they are attacked Imperialism- when a stronger nation takes control of a weeker one. Nationalism- Countries felt they were better than others.
Triple Entente Great Britain, France, Russia
Triple alliance Germany, Austria-Hungry, Italy
Eastern front (in Russia) Germany vs Russia
Western front (In France) Germany vs France & Great Britain
Why the us joined the war Sinking of the Lusitania Zimmerman Telegram
Two major fight the us had The battle of Belleau Woods & the battle of Argonne forest
Sussex pledge Said Germany had to have restricted submarine warfare and it had to stop randomly sinking passenger ships
Zimmerman telegram it said that if mexico joined the central powers they will receive lands lost to them
Treaty of Brest Litovsk It took Russia out of war and left germany with only one country to fight
Treaty of Versailles- 1-2 -Germany had to take SOLE blame for the war. (Not the only responsible) -Limited Germany's military to less then 100,000 men, 6 battle ships, and 15,000 sailors. (no submarines)
Treaty of Versailles- 3-5 -Stripped Germany of its overseas colonies -Europe was redrawn -Germany had to pay for the war. (33,000,000,000)
Treaty of Versailles- 6-7 -Treaty was a travesty -Germany and Austria can not join
14 points-Sinking of the lusitania freedom of hte seas
14 points-Nationalism/imperialism countries can rule themselves free trade
14 points-militarism weapon reduction
14 points- Alliances no more secret alliances. league of nations
reparations payments for war damage
central powers germany austria-hungry ottoman empire bulgaria
allied nations great britian france russia(leaves 1917) usa(joins 1917) japan italy
stalemate neither side can make progress
armistice a truce or cease fire between fighting nations... germany agreed to stop fighting france, grat britian, and the us because they signed an armistice
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