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Chp 15 Tx Industry

Certificates that promise to repay the amount borrowed, plus interest after specified time. bonds
A block of public land that a government gives to a business, school, or other organization. land grant
A piece of paper issued by a bank that promises to pay the holder a certain sum. bank note
A bank that issues loans and provides services to businesses. commercial bank
A bank that is controlled by the state. state chartered bank
Takes grain and grinds it in to flour, the main ingredient in bread. gristmill
A machine that cuts timber in to boards. sawmill
The processing of raw materials in to goods for sale. industry
A building in which lawmakers meet. capitol
A law that states that when the supply of an item is greater than the demand for it, prices fall. supply and demand
A deduction from the amount paid for something. rebates
A group of firms that agree to work together to discourage competition. trusts
The complete control of a commodity or single service industry. monopoly
a streetcar that provides transportation in modern cities trolley
separation of racial groups segregation
murder of a person without fair action or trial lynching
colleges for males and females coeducational
this industry provides transportation for people and goods railroads
this industry makes clothing textiles
this industry provides "fuel" for trains and metal for tools coal and iron
this industry provides meat for consumers meatpacking
this industry provides the cash crop of Texas cotton
this industry provides the main feed crop of Texas corn
this industry provided financial help for citizens banking
this industry provides trees for sawmills lumber
Created by: Karlee Custer
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