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social studiesch.5

curriculum that teaches what the child already knows and moves outward expanding horizon approach
the ability to understand and apply skills and procedures systematic inquiry
determined by longitude and latitude absolute location
interconnectedness among people because of land, water, and technology relative location
heights below and above sea level and landforms altitude
map of altitudes topographical
determines distance map scale
lines that run from pole to pole meridians
lines that run east to west parallels
lines north and south of the equator latitude
longitude and latitude lines determine absolute location
locating and describing planes according to physical features physical geography
the relationship between a place and the humans and animals that inhibit it cultural geography
when students make an analogy between two concepts, one familiar and the other new synectics
analyze the remains of extinct people archaeologist
study of human culture anthropology
study the behavior of primates primatologist
gather info about culture through field work done on site ethnographers
study languages linguistic anthropologist
study human and fossils physical anthropologist
to enhance teachers' knowledge of learners and their needs, to monitor students' progress toward goals and outcomes, and to modify instruction when progress is not sufficient basic goals of assessment
study of human behavior psychology
study of social behavior of humans within a group sociology
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