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History Vocab

Medieval Cathedrals and Architecture

a tall, narrow, cone-shaped or upward projection; like a steeple spire
the art of painting on wet plaster with colors dissolved in water fresco
the long center of a church, extending from the entry to the altar; usually with aisles on each side nave
a shallow arched gallery created by a change in the thickness of a wall, which stands above the nave triforium
a series of arches connected and supported by pillars, columns, or the like arcade
a holy, sacred place; especially the holiest part of a place of worship sanctuary
a room in a church where sacred objects and vestments are kept sacristy
the entrance hall leading to the nave of a church narthex
an outside wall containing windows which admit light to partially-roofed areas in the lower sections of a church clerestory
a part of a church used for administering baptism baptistery
the part of a church used by a group of people who sing together choir
a covered walkway in a cloister ambulartory
a crucifix, especially a large one at the entrance of a church chancel rood
a likeness of a person, usually sculptures like on a tomb effigy
a segmental arch that transmits outward and downward pressure from the upper side wall of a building to a solid flying buttress
a macabre or grotesque sculpture of an animal or person, often carved as an architectural ornament gargoyles
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