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Ch 8 Review

frontier the farthest part of a settled country
free enterprise an economic system in which producers and consumers can make choices
profit the money a producer has left over after all costs are paid
plantation a large farm that produces crops to sell
nullify to reject
secede to separate
cavalry soldiers who fight on horseback
sharecropper a farmer who pays part of the crops he/she grows to a landowner
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy
Robert E. Lee Confederate General
Ulysses S. Grant Union General
Abraham Lincoln President of the Union
How did new settlers in Texas affect Native Americans? They killed the buffalo they needed for food and tools.
Why did we have slaves in Texas? Slaves worked on plantations to produce more cotton.
What did most slaves do? Most worked in the fields.
Why did plantation owners become wealthy in the 1850's? A lot of cotton was being sold in Europe.
What did cotton sales in Europe cause? Texas needed more slaves to produce more cotton.
Why were the blockades in the Gulf of Mexico during the Civil War? They stopped ships from entering or leaving the ports in the Gulf of Mexico.
How did the Civil War end? General Lee surrendered to General Grant
What was life like during reconstruction? Hard for everyone
What did farmers need to learn? How to grow crops without slaves.
Created by: mrschristopher
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