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History Test..

Coach Medlen Chp 14 Test

Trans-Siberian Railway
Three Crisis that led to the Bolshevik Revolution A) The Russe'Japanese War B) Bloody Sunday in the Revolution of 1905 C) World War I
Vladamir Lenin Russians revere him as the "Father of the Bolshevik Rovolution." He led the anned overtlrow ofthe provisional govemm€nt in Russia in 1917, siped the Treaty of BrestLitovsk to end the fishting between Russia and Gennany in World War I in l9l 8, and inn
Provisional Government
Russian Civil War
New Economic Policy
Communist Party
Leon Trotsky
Joseph Stalin
Command Economy
Collective Farm
Great Purge
Socialist Realism
Sun Yixian
Mao Zedong
May Fourth Movement
Jiang Jieshi
Long March
Congress Party
Rowlatt Act
Mohandas K. Gandhi
Civil Disobedience
Mustata Kemal
Reza Shah Pahlari
Created by: rayshockey