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US Begins Ch. 9

Ch. 9 Creating a Nation

Consitiution a written plan of how a country's government will work
Citizen An offical member of a city, state, or nation
Territory an area of land that is ruled by a government; a frontier region before it becomes a US state
ordinance a law
What are the strentghs and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
Identify economic and political problems facing the United States after the Revolutionary War.
What powers did the Articles of Confederation give to Congress? declare war, make treaties with other nations, and print and borrow money?
What powers did Congress lack? It ould not set up an arm, control trade, or tax.
What did Congress do to organize the Northwest Territory? passed the Land Ordinance of 1785 and Northwest Ordinance of 1787.
What problems was the new government unable to solve? The government could not resolve arguments between the states and over trade and territory or pay its debts.
What did Shays's want? for farmers to have more time to pay their debts and for the state to stop taking farms
What did Shays's Rebellion show about the new government? It was too weak to keep order.
Why did farmers in western Massachusetts protest? They were losing their farms becase they could not pay their taxes and debts.
Federal a form of government in which states share power with the central government
republic a government in which citizens elect leaders to represent them
compromise an agreement in which each side of an argument gives up something it wants
ratify offical accept
Identify important delegates and their roles in creating the Consitution of the US.
Explain the major compromises reached during the creation of the Consitution.
Explain the process of ratification and the reasons for the creation of the Bill of Rights.
What was the advantage of a federal system? It divided power between the states and the central government and gave the central government more control over the states.
Why did delegates gater in Philadelphia in the spring of 1787? They met to discuss how to change the Articles of Confederation.
Which state did Madison and Washington represent at the convention? Virginia
What is a federal system of government? It is a government in which states share power with a central government.
What did the Virginia Plan propose? a federal government with three branches.
Why did small states create the New Jersey Plan? to get the same representation in Congress as large states.
What was Roger Sherman's solution called? The Great Compromise
What was the Three-fifths Compromise? It was a rule to count 5 slaves as 3 free people in slave states.
What had to happen before the Consitution could go into effect? Nine of the thirteen states had to ratify it.
Why did Antifederalists think the Consitution was dangerous? They thought that the Consitution was a threat to liberty because it created a strong central government without a Bill of Rights
What did Federalists do to persuade the states to ratify the Consitution? They promised to add a Bill of Rights to the document.
Why did Antifederalist demand a Bill of Rights? to protect the rights of individuals.
What is in the preample of the constitution? goals of the country including how people should feel safe and free
What are the three branches of government and their roles? Legislature, Judicial, and Executive
What is the highest court in the nation? supreme court
What are the jobs of each of the branches?
How does checks and balance work?
What happens if the S. Court decides if the law is unconsitutional? doesn't become a law
What is needed to overide a veto from the president? 2/3 of Senate and how agree and pass the law
Who has the power to collect taxes? Federal and State government
Why is their a checks and balance system? to limit the power of the government and the branches.
How can an ammendment be added? 2/3 of both houses of Congress. 3/4 of states must ratify it.
Why do we want a bill of rights? to make sure the government recognizes the rights of its citizens.
Name 3 rights given to the citizens of the U.S.
Why does the Constitution include a way to make amendments? so the consitution can be changed.
What is the purpose of the Cabinet? to give the president advice and help run the executive branch.
Why did George Washington at with care as president? he knew his actions would be an example for presidents to follow.
What is the job of the attorney general? to see that the federal laws are obeyed.
What is the job of the sec. of state? decides how the U.s should behave towards other countries.
Which side did Washingtion take on the national bank? yeah, bank! :)
Where was the new capital located? Along the Potomoc River between Maryland and Virginia
What were some of the things Jefferson and Hamilton disagreed on?
What was the electoral college created to do? vote for president
Why did political parties form during Washington's Presidency?
When did Washington become president? 1789
Who was not at the convention and why?
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