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Timeline of Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh and his People's Congress create the National Liberation Committee of Vietnam to form a _____ government? provisional
When did Ho Chi Minh form a provisional government? 1945
When does France recognize Vietnam as a "free state"? 1946
Indochina war begins? 1946
When is Vietnam given to the French? 1947
How much does the U.S pledge to Aid French in Indochina? When? $15 Million 1950
Worker's Party of Ho Chi Minh is created in what year? 1951
Who does France grant full independence in 1953? Laos
Battle of Dienbienphu begins? 1954
Geneva Agreements Announced in? 1954
Who becomes President of Republic of Vietnam in 1955? Diem
When do the French leave Vietnam? 1956
North Vietnam imposes what in 1960? Universal Military Conscription
The Viet Cong, and NLF for South Vietnam are formed when? 1960
Who authorizes Green Berets in 1961? Why? President Kennedy. He knew the colors were not working in the jungle.
When did we defoliate Vietnam? What did we use to defoliate it with? 1962. Agent Orange
What date was President Kennedy Assassinated? November 23, 1963
Why did Buddhist monks set themselves on fire in public places in 1963? Diem replaced them with Catholics for key governmental positions
What happened at the Gulf of Tonkin Incident? Three North Vietnamese PT boats fired topedoes at the U.S.S Maddox located in international waters of the Tonkin Gulf (thirty miles off coast of North Vietnam).
North Vietnamese launch Tet Offensive in___. 1968
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