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Chapter8 study

Define the word jurisdiction in one word? 1 judge
How many judges are in the district court? trial court
What is the other name for the district court? appellate court
If you appeal a case what court hear your case? 9 judges
How many judges served in the supreme court? remanding
If an appellate court sends a case back to the trial court…. court of appeals and supreme court
Which court or courts do not have a jury? power or authority
Which states does the state of Pennsylvania share a district with? Delaware and New Jersey
Write an example of a civil case? Divorce
Write an example of a criminal case? murder
If you go to court of appeals how many judges will you see? 3 judges
T/F the supreme court is a trial court? False
T/F when the court of appeals affirms a case it sends it back to the district court? False
How many district courts are in the U.S.? 94 district courts
How many circuit courts are in the U.S? 12 circuit courts
T/F Pennsylvania practice the death penalty? true
T/F executing juveniles who have committed serious crimes is legal in the U.S.? false
Who appoints federal judges? president plus senate's approval
T/F in the case at south Hadley high school the six students involved in harassing phoebe prince was charged as criminals? false
Who was the plaintiff in the case Popov v. hayashi? Popov
What is the decision called in a case? verdict
T/F all jurors must agree to reach a verdict? true
Which comes first The court of appeals affirms the case or the case is appealed? the case would get appealed
What is a hate crime? it's when you do crime on a person just for who they are like race.
T/F If congress passes an unconstitutional law the supreme court can strike it down? true
Created by: TiaraRobinson