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Mr. Hallasey's SOL 2

SOL review #2

Who do the American Federation of Labor (AFL) represent? Skilled workers
Women gain the right to vote with... the 19th amendment
Describe Jim Crow Laws Unequal work and education
Name three reasons for increased immigration HEAR: Hope for a better life, escape from oppressive government, adventure, religious freedom
Chief Joseph's famous speech was... "I will fight forever no more."
He was known for the oil industry Rockefeller
Name of the movement opposed to the making and consuming of alcohol Temperance Movement
He believed in full political, civil, and social right for African Americans WEB DuBois
Name two negative effects for big business Low wages, long working hours
How founded the settlement house known as the Hull House? Jane Addams
A group of trade unions unite and form... AFL
Who was known for the automobile industry Henry Ford
Name two challenges faced by cities Tenements, political corruption
Indian chief for the Nez Pierce Chief Joseph
Who was known for the steel industy Carnegie
Name the strike that steel workers went on because of cut wages Homestead strike
This person worked hard for women's suffrage Susan B. Anthony
List two changes made by the Progressive Movement Reduced child labor, improved conditions
Method of production that reduced cost Assembly line
Name the laws that made discrimination practices legal Jim Crow laws
Name the battle also known as "Custer's Last Stand" Little Bighorn
He believed in achieving equality through education Booker T. Washington
Rapid industrialization and urbanization led to overcrowding
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