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H. Comp Forgetfull

Forgetfull form

Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang precursor to wind-stroke; windstroke due to LV/KD yin xu, with LV yang rising generating internal wind
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin reduce BP, hypertension,
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan clrs-ht, T. phl, directs rebellious qi down; internal clumping of phl-ht - fire brews stag fluids (wk SP)
Huang Lian E Jiao Tang enriches yin, descends fire, elim irr, calms spirit; patient can't lie down (like S.Zao Ren Tang)
Zhi Sou San COUGH persists, safe to use with kids, seq to externally-contracted dz that has been treated; wind attacking the LU lingering cold
Er Cheng Tang (ing too) damp phl due to Sp def, ing: Ban Xia, Ju Hong, Fu Ling, ZGC
Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang abandoned disorder due to chronic diarrhea, DD
Dang Gui Liu Huang Wan DG, Shend di, Shu di, Huang Qin, Lian, Bai, Huang Qi (6 yellows)
DG Liu Huang Wan night sweats due to raging fire from xu; HT yang; KD yin
Dang Gui Si Ni Tang DG, Bai Shao, Gui zhi, xi xin, ZGCDZ; cold in channels due to underlying bld xu
Sang Zi Yang Qin Tang cold in LU w/ food stag; relaxes diaphragm, directs qi down, T. Phl, reduces food stag
Bei Mu Gua Lou San dry phl due to LU dryness injuring fluids, phl difficult to expel
Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang dizziness / vertigo, stilfing sensation chest, naus/vomit, copious sput, white greasy tc, wiry-slippery pulse
Sang Piao Xiao San frequ urination color rice water; incontinence, spermatt; HT and KD xu (HT qi causes forgetfullness)
Da Huang Fu Zi Tang constipation and ab pain due to cold in ab, obstructs flow of yang qi in interior; ing
Si Shen Wan daybreak diarrhea; KD yang xu
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