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History Flash Cards for Ben

1st Commercial Radio Broadcast 1920
Prohibition 1920
Discovery of Insulin 1922
Scopes Trial Summer 1925 - Dayton, TN - Trial of biology teacher John Scopes charged with illegally teaching Evolution
Charles Lindbergh's Flight Across the Atlantic 1927
St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1929
Sacco and Vanzetti Case Claimed: - they were accused of murder just because they were Italian - they were innocent - Executed in 1927
Flappers 1920's Fashion - shorter dresses, expensive, 19"
Gibson Girl - Wore Hair loose on top of head - Long Straight Skirt - High Collar Shirt
Coco Chanel Female Designer - designed boy looking coats - wore stockings
Langston Hughes Poet Socialist Playwright Columnist
Adolf Hitler German Dictator Leader - "Meinkampg" - wanted to purify Germans - Nazi Party - Chancellor of Germany - Anti-Semitic
Alois Schicklgruber Hitler's Father
August Kubizek Hitler's Mother
Hitler's Move to Austria - Attended a Monastery School (did well) - Idolized Priests - Interested in German nationalism - Mother died and they became homeless
Failure of Art Exam - Hitler dropped out of High School - Sold his paintings; failed art exam
WWI Soldierhood - Hitler found a sense of belonging and purpose - Volunteered at age 25 - Wounded during battle
Beer Hall Putsch - Where Hitler attempted to force Germans to accept him as the leader of Germany - "The National Revolution" has begun
Workers' Party - Hitler ordered to investigate them in 1919 - Idea was to build strong nationalist, pro-military, anti-Semitic party made up of working class people - Hitler invited to join - bacame their featured speaker
NSDAP - Hitler changed name to this from Workers' Party - NSDAP - National Socialist German Workers' Party; Nazi for short - 3000 members by 1920
Mein Kampf - 1925 - Hitler's book of his political and racial ideas - divides humans into categories - Aryans are superior; Jews inferior - Hitler regretted writing it
Structure of Speeches - began in low, hesitating tones; pitch and tone became higher then voice became frenzied and full of indignation
Campaign for President - 1932 - "Freedom and Bread" (Hitler's campaign slogan)
Hitler named Chancellor (year) January 1933
Burning of the Reichstag Hitler manipulated HIndenburg into dossolving the Reichstag
Clarence Darrow Led the prosecution against Scopes - zealous - agnostic
William Jennings Bryan Defense of John Scopes
Created by: facslib
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