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History of Congregational Singing

Who wrote nearly 700 hymns and psalm settings? Isaac Watts
Watts Psalms were "Christianized", what does this mean? Based on scripture, praising God with his own words.
What Meters did Watts use most often? Common, short, and long meter
What was Watts denominational affiliation? non-denominational
Did Isaac Watts write hymns to go with his sermons? Yes
During the period of Pietism there was a revival among the Unitas Fratrum, the spiritual descendents of John Hus. What was the name of the disicples who took their name from the Czech region in which they had found refuge? Moravians
The Moravians published over 3,265 hymns in 2 volumes of what song book? Zinzendorf's London Songbook of 1753 and 1754
Where did the Methodists get their name? John was leader of a "Holy Club", which was a group of individuals who developed a liturgy of study, service, and fasting. Some outsiders saw their methodiacal means distasteful, so they called them "Methodists."
Where did the Wesleys first encounter the Moravians? While on 3 and a half month sea voyage heading to the Indians on a mission trip.
What was the Wesleys disagreement with Whitefiled? Over Arminian theology, Whitefiled also antagonized the Wesleys by changing the texts of their hymns in order to accomodate his own doctrines
How did John Wesley feel about organ accompaniment for hymns? Was not a fan of instrumental accompaniment in chruch meetings
How many hymns did Charles Wesley write? Published more then 4,500 hymns and left another 3,000 in manuscript
What was the Foundery Collection? The Wesley's first publication of hymn tunes
What was the significance of the Cotterill Hymnal? The first Authorized Hymnal, Published by Thomas Cotterill
How many different meters did Charles Wesley use? More than 30
Who were Mainzer and Hullah two leaders in the musial revival and "singing class" movement.
What is "singing by note" singing songs as they were written
What is "singing by rote" Singing songs how they were lined out
What was the Tractarian Movement? began by John Keble, which brought greater emphasis to the functions of the clergy, the sacraments, and the liturgy.
What significan hymnal was published in 1861 as a result of a movement? Hymns of Ancient and Modern
What is Zion's Harp A book of hymns with a mix of Frontier songs and traditional hymns. Hymns came east after the 2nd great awakening.
What is The Christian Lyre Published by Joshua Leavitt, A book of hymns with a mix of Frontier songs and traditional hymns. Hymns came east after the 2nd great awakening.
What is The Great Awakening began in 1720 in British America, a period of religious fevor let by John Edwards and Whitfield.
What is the Second Great Awakening of 1857 a huge gathering in Boubon County Kentucky, Was the largest of similar events that began in the 1800.
The Wesleys went on a mission trip to? Georgia
What are gospel songs? combined the easy singability of folk songs, the rhythmic repetition of camp meeting songs, and the sentimentality of moderm parlor songs.
How did gospel songs come about? William Bradbury, wrote a # of gospels that became popular. Moody and Sankey wrote a number of gospels (Gospel Hymns and Sacred Songs) took gospels to England
Where and among which groups are gospel songs most popular? England and in America, found fertile soil in Independent Churches. Popular still today in the South.
Alexander Campbell was more of a fan of singing by..? Rote
What is the style of the J.D. Vaughan publishing company's publications founded a radio station and broadcasted southern gospel music
What effect has commercialism had on church music Religion became more or a social and cultural commitment, hymn text have become less doctrinal, more about social responsibility, cultural awarness, enviromental awareness.
Who is Johnathan Edwards? Americas first important hymnist, published a hymnal in 1800
What are the circumstances of the Second Great Awakening? Led to Barton Stone along with 5 other Presbyterian ministers to sigh the "Last will and Testament of the Springfield Presbyery" in 1804 which eventually led to the Restoration Mv. Also to a new syle of song called "Frontier or camp-meeting"
Where were the Sacred Harp singings more likely to take place in the mid 19th century? Alabama
Effects of the Great Awakening Brought interdenominational noonday prayer meetings and renewed interest in evangelism and philanthropy. Also pushed hynmnody in the church.
Who is Reginald Heber Church of England's Bishop of Calcutta
Who is Ralph Vaughan Williams His efforts did much to raise appreciation of traditional English folk song and melody. Later in his life he served as president of the English Folk Dance and Song Society
In what city was the eastern church after the 4th centry? Constantanople
Who is Lady Huntingdon was an English religious leader who played a prominent part in the religious revival of the 18th century and the Methodist movement in England and Wales, and has left a Christian denomination
Who is Bill Gaither an American singer and songwriter of southern gospel and Contemporary Christian music, he is also known for performing as part of the Bill Gaither Trio
Watts first hymn was written when he was 16
What was the first hymn published in America A Collection of Psalms and Hymns
Why did the Anglican Church continue to resist congregational hymnody (2 reasons) No place in the book of Common Prayer, most music was presented by the choir
Who is John Newton Anglican priest of Olney, published a book of "unoffical hymns" called the Olney Hymns with WIlliam Cowper
Who is William Cowper A respected poet who settled in Olney and help write the Olney Hymnal with John Newton
Luthran Chorals where sang in? AAB
Who is Fanny Crosby Blind, produced more than 8,000 text.
Who is Lowell Mason More of a musical activist, began the "better music movement" against the folk songs of the East. Established music as apart of the Boston school curriculum
Who is Ira Sankey produced Gospel Hymns and Sacred Songs which was a collaboration with Bliss. Did Evangelical work in England when the great fire broke out.
Who is Philip Bliss a teacher, singer, and composer of church songs. Wrote Gospel Songs for Gospel Meetings
Calvin matches with? Strasbourg Psalter
Who wrote the Sacred Harp Benjamin White and E.J King
Who is Henry Ward Beecher wanted to dev. a "singing church", began putting hymns in the hands of who sat in the pews.
Who is Ann Lee Leader of the Shaking Quakers or Shakers
Who is John Bacchus Dykes Most significant musician of the Oxford or Tractarian movement, wrote over 300 hymns
John Julian wrote? Dictionary of Hymnology
Thomas A Dorsey is known as The father of black gospel music
The first significant presentation of spirituals outside of the black community came with the Tours of the Fisk Jubilee singers
Sternhold matches with? Hopkins
The Moravians match with? Jan Hus
The Anabaptists match with? Ulrich Swingli
What is the Goudimel? a 4 part version of Calvin's psalter
The Bourgeois psalm are syllabic? T or F T
Who persecuted the Anglicans? Bloody Mary
Most German Chorale tunes would be called? proper
John Knox psalter was? Scottish
Tate and Brady's new version was written in? 1696
When where hymns used in the 17th century? The Lords Supper
In 1690 congregational singing was common amoung? Separatists, Amish, menanites, and baptists
The Purtians at Plymouth rock are associated with? Congregationalists
Oxyrhynchos? 1st Christian hymn with notation
Hymnos means? Song of praise
City the western church was based in after the 4th century? Rome
During what century did Luther work? the 16th century
The oldest hymnal in continuous use anywhere in the world by the Amish? The Ausbund
The Genevan Psalter was published in? 1562
Most of the tunes in the Genevan Psalter where written by? Louis Bourgeois
A favorite poes of Kind Francis I and introdiced versifications of psalms to the court in France. Also aided in writing the Genevan Psalter. Clement Marot
Calven went to Geneva when they broke with the Catholic Church in which century? The 16th century
In 1562 (16th century) John Day published? The Whole book of Psalms, commonly known as "Sternhold and Hopkins" or the Old Version.
Thomas Sternhold used which meter more often? common meter
Common Meter is? 8686
William Croft started publishing in what year?
What is the tune to "Praise God whom all blessings flow"? Written in Long Meter?
Short meter is? 6686
Long Meter is? 8888
Describe Pietism A religious movement arose in the second half of the century that emphasized personal rather than insitiutional devotion to God.
Describe Pietist songs? they turned from conventional religious meetings to house churches and form traditional chorales to more intimate songs often solos accompanied by organs, expressing personal faith and commitment.
When was the 30 years war? (1618-1648)
Written in 1644 by Johann Cruger? Praxis Pietatis Melica
First Hymnal to be approved by Anglicans in 1820? A hymn by Thomas Cotterill entitled "A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use, Adapted to the Services of the Church of England.
Ira Sankey and Philip Bliss worked with? Dwight L Moody
Who wrote the music for I will survive the wonderous cross? Isaac Watts
Why was the Jewish influence on the church lessened after A.D. 70? the fall of the temple ment that Greek became the dominant church language.
Constantine legalized Christianity in what century? 4th century
Why is the ordinary of the mass called "ordinary"? It means the Order of the mass
Why did choirs sing instead of the congregations during medieval services? With the rise of the Catholic church came the of the chruch being more politicized and hierarchal and they began to use highly trained and prized musicians and choirs to properly worship God.
Define Latreuo? Greek for to serve or worship
Define Proskuneo? Greek for to kiss
Acts 2:42-47 say regarding worship? They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common.
Acts 20:7-12 say regarding worship? On the first day of the week we came together to break bread. Paul spoke to the people and, because he intended to leave the next day, kept on talking until midnight. The people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted.
1 Cor 10-14 says regarding worship? Apeal for us to agree with one another so we will have no divisons. you are to follow and be united to Christ. Speaking in tonges, should be orderly. Everyone comes together with a hymn or word of instruction.
Col 4:16 say regarding worship? After this letter has been read to you, see that it is also read in the church of the Laodiceans and that you in turn read the letter from Laodicea.
Hebrews 10:24-25 say about worship? And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another —and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
Eph 5:19 say about worship? speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, Do not ger drunk w/ wine be filled with the spirit. Sing and make music in your hearts to the Lord.
The Pilgrims carried two the Geneva Bible and what other book that contained both Prose and meters with 39 tunes? The Ainsworth Psalter
What is the Bay Psalm book? First book published in the colonies in 1640
Benjamin Keach began using hymns in 1690's for? The Lords Supper
define Antiphonal? When congregational groups alternated
define Responsorial? When the leader and congregation alternated
What is a cantical? hymn with words taken from a biblical text
Define Hymnos? A text of praise intended to be sung
How does Colossians 3:16 refer to singing? Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another w/ all wisdom and as using psalms, humns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.
How does James 5:13 refer to singing? is anyone of you in trouble? He should pray. is anyone happy let him sing songs of praise.
How does Matt 26:30 refer to singing? When they had sung a hymn they went out to the mount of Olives.
General characteristics of early Christian music? Chruch in Jerusalem, earliest singing based on Jewish chant, Important texts sung not spoken, vocal not instramental, pagan hymns converted to Christian ones, not central to early church meetings.
What is the Edict of Milan? Issues by Constantine and Lininius, returned Christians porperty and authorized sunday as a day of worship
What is the Outcome of the Edict of Milan? Rome became the first Christian Nation
What was the Great Persecution of Diocletian? A.D 70, Forced emperor worship on Christians, Lots of Christians killed for their beliefs
After the fall of the temple in A.D. 70 overtime what language did the monks and priests use? Latin
Define Hymn? Song of praise intended to be sung
Who is Constantine? Issued the Edict of Milan (which legalized Christianity)
Who is Augustine? Bishop of Hippo, deeply influenced by hymns, wrote "confessions"
Who is Charlemagne? King of the Franks conquered nearly all of Europe, forced people to except Christianity.
Wrote some of the earliest Non-bibical hymns? Ignatius of Antioch
What are the 3 Canticles of the New Test. found in the gospel of Luke? -Mary's song (magnificant) -Zechariahs Song (John the Baptist) -Simeon's Song (infant Jesus)
5 parts of the ordinary? -Kyrie eleison (Lord have mercy) -Gloria -Credo -Sanctus Benedictus -Agnus Deli
What did the council accomplish? it fixed Easter, produced a creed that would provide a foundational statement for Christianity.
What is "synonymous parallelism"> Verses divided into 2 complementary sections
Who was Hilary? Bishop of Poitiers, Introduced hymnody to the west after coming in to contact with it in the East. Exiled to Asia Minor for 4 years.
Who was Ambrose? Bishop of Malan, most renoud speakers of his time, produced congregational hymns.
Describe Jan Hus? Priest of Prague, Burned at the stake
When did Luther write post the 95 thesis? Oct 31, 1517
The Bohemian Brethren? Pursued disciplined lives simplicity in worship bible as the supreme authority.
What is Ausbund? The Anabaptist song book, no musical notation
Describe the Genevan Psalter? 150 psalms, 125 tunes, 110 meters.
What are proper tunes? Only used for one song
What are "common tunes" Can be used for a multiple of text
How did Calvin feel about congregational singing? Believed singing was the most effective way for a congregation to recite psalms. Believed in only using scrpture "psalmody"
Luther paired hymn text w/ secular tunes this is called? Contrafacta (singular contrafactum) or counterfiet
Anabaptists or (re-baptists) Felt baptism was a matter for adult believers no infants.
Bloody mary First woman to rule in her own right as English queen .. beheaded over 300 people.
The "marian exiles" Went to Geneva, wanted to reform the church, came to be known as the Puritans
What is English Hymnody? Separatists favored fewer restrictions on church practices. Excepting of hymns
Describe the "Old Version" published in 1562, tunes no harmonies, Sternhold and Hopkins
What was Zwingli's stance on music in the church? Omitted Music altogether because of it's potential for seduction of the senses. Psalm and canticles recited responsibely.
What was the musical form of many Lutheran Chorals? "bar form" (AAB)
How did Luther feel about congregational singing? He insistented that it should exist, wrote hymns
Written in 1718, aimed at authenticity writing in blank (unrymed) verse. Psalterium Americanum
Describe John Knox? One of the leaders of the Marian Exiles, Published the Scottish Psalter
Who is Gregory? Bishop of Rome, had a hand in a selection of chant tunes.
Years Luther lived? (1483-1546)
Years Calvin lived? (1509-1564)
Henry Ainsworth? Separatist, didn't like the liberties taken with the Old Version, Ainsworth Psalter
Sternhold and Hopkins? The whole book of Psalms, Commonly known as the old version, Tunes were not harmonized only 47
Pietism? After the 30 years war a movement towards a personal relationship w/ christ
Nahum Tate & Nicholas Brandy? Produced a psalter known as the "Take and Brady" or the New version in 1696
Louis Bourgeois? Produced most of the tunes in the Genevan Psalter.
Claude Goudimel? Arranged about 60 psalms in motet style for accomplished singers.
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