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Roman History Vocab

Veto to Block laws the could be harmful
Etruscans People who lived mosly north of rome
Republic type of goverment
Patricias Memebers of the landholding upper class
Consuls They Supercised the business of goverment and command he armies
Dicator ruler who has complete control over goverment
Plebeians farmers merachanets and artisans who made up most of the population
Tribunes procted their intrests and did stuff to protect the plebians
Imperilism establshing conrol over peoples and forgin lands
Latifundia huge farming estates
census Population Count
Satirize make fun of roman society
Mosaic picture made from chips or colered stone or glass
aqueducts bridelike stone structrues that carried water from the hills into the roman cities
Messiah annotied kindg sent by god
Legion Basic unit of the ancinet rome army made up to about 5,000 soidleers
aposltes greek means a person sent forth
Maytrs people who die for their regilon
Clegry a group if people who conduct christen serives
Bishop high church offical resoisbke for eveyone in his diocese
Patriasch exericed athoury over bishops in the area
inflation rapid rise over prices
huns migrated from centreal asia toward esatern europe
mercenaries foregin soliders serving for pay to defnd its borders
Julis Ceaser Attmeped to make reforms help save the ailing republic Made himself absulte ruler
Consrantine Moved roamn power eastward bu buliding a capital at constanipotle granted toleration by christians through the edict of Milan
Dicoletaion divided the empite into 2 parts estern and western
Marcus Aurelius last great emperor of the Pax EEomana
Octivan/ Augstus Declared exalted one and first citzen by senate first ruler of the pax romanan
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