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John L. Lewis Union leader of United mine workers, CIO
Warren G. Harding Pres. 1920, Corrupt Cabinet
James Weldon Johnson Poet and educator, wanted people to think more factual about back music and Literature
Charles Evans Hughes Part of Pres. Hardings "Ohio Gang"
Charles Lindberg First transatlantic solo flight.
Calvin Coolidge Vermont farm boy, takes office after Harding dies
William Jennings Bryan 3 times pres. candidate Represented creationist in Scopes Trial
John T. Scopes 1st teacher to teach evolution
Bessie Smith Black 20's Recording artist
Marcus Garvey His writing glorified black culture and traditions
Langston Hughes Leading voice of African American experience
Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) Showed emptiness and superficial modern society
Dream Variations (Hughes) Poem symbolizing being black to being night
Fordney- McCumber Act Bill vetoed by pres. Coolidge to assist farmers
Treaty of Versailles after WWI said that Germany must pay reparations. Then strip Germany from having a military. Then split up Germany and German speaking people. Germany must take all the blame for the war.
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in March of 1917 agreement between Germany and Russia that allows Russia to pull out of the war. Russia thinks this will keep Germany from attacking them. This treaty gives the rest of the world the impression that Russians can not be trusted.
Muller v. Oregon (1908) key issue sex discrimination and labor laws. Women bakers in Oregon were forced to give up hours just because they were women.
Jeannette Rankin from Montana, one of the first women that was a member of Congress. She is most famous for voting against entry to WWI & WWII then marching against us being involved in Viet nam.
Armistice Day 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918. Armistice means cease fire. Ends WWII
14 points An idea proposed by President Woodrow Wilson, to end causes of war. 1st through 5th get rid of causes of war. Next 8 established the rights of self-determination for all countries and citizens.
Who kept the US from ratifying the Treaty of Versailles after WWI. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. He single handedly protested the US signing this treaty. He and his followers convinces both houses of Congress that we would be tangled with Europe forever if we agreed to it and the 14 points and the League of Nations.
War of 1812 over impressment (forcing sailors into service) & stopping American ships looking for contraband (smuggled goods).
reapportionment to re-organize the way voting maps are laid out in a state. The way a state draws up voting districts. Every census (10 yrs) a state should redraw the maps. Many states didn't do this and Baker v. Carr (1962) is one of the Supreme Court cases over this
Domino Theory the idea that if one country falls Communism then the countries around that country would fall like a row of dominoes.
guerrilla warfare type of fighter that is a blend of civilian population and regular army. They fight in urban areas. Forces fighting them can not tell whom is the enemy.
Ho Chi Minh wanted the French out of Vietnam. Communist leader of Vietminh, a group of guerrilla warriors.
Warren Commission a commission assigned to figure out the planning and assassination of President Kennedy. It ruled that Oswald was in it alone. Later Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby. Many believe that Ruby as not the lone planner or killer of Kennedy.
Bill Clinton elected in 1992. Known for NAFTA, and impeachment.
War on Terror response to the attack on the US by terrorists. (9-11-01)
John Steinbeck wrote the book "Grapes of Wrath."
Dust Bowl area of land that, due to over farming and drought, area that lost soil. The winds blew & dropped soil (dust) over a wide are of the US. Even said that ships in the Atlantic would have sweeps of dust blow on to them.
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