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List of Bacteria used in Dr. Shellhaus' class

Astromycetes spp. multiple fission
Bacillus anthracis G+, causes anthrax, endospore forming, first bacteria to be connected to disease
Bacillus stearothermophillis G+, endospore forming, used in spore strip tests
Bacillus subtilis G+, endospore forming, catalase+,
Borrelia burgdorferi G- (weak), spirochete, causes Lyme disease
Borrelia recurentis G- (weak), spirochete, causes Relapsing fever
Bordetella pertussis G-, coccobacillus, causes Pertussis
Candida albicans opportunistic, causes thrush and vaginitis
Clostridium botulinum G+, bacillus, causes Botulism, anaerobic
Clostridium perfringens G+, bacillus, causes Gas gangrene
Clostridium tetani G+, bacillus, causes tetanus,
Clostridium difficile G+, bacillus, causes superinfection pseudomembraneous colitis
Coxiella burnetii G-, bacillus, Q fever, endospore forming, found in milk
Enterobacter aerogenes G-, bacillus, catalase+, causes GI tract infections, becomes quickly resistant
Escherichia coli G-, bacillus, causes food poisoning (O157 H7)
Haemophilus influenzae G-, bacillus, opportunistic
Helicobacter pylori G-, causes ulcers, microaerophile
Klebsiella pneumoniae G-, bacillus, causes pneumonia, has a thick capsule
Lactobacillus delbruckei subspp. Bulgaris G+, bacillus, used in yogurt formation
Lactococcus cremis subspp. Diacetylactis used in yogurt formation
Micrococcus lutens G+, coccus, grow on skin
Micrococcus radialduris survives radiation
Mycobacterium bovis acid-fast, causes juvenile TB
Mycobacterium kansasii acid-fast, causes human pulmonary disease
Mycobacterium leprae acid-fast, bacillus, causes leprosy
Mycobacterium tuberculosis acid-fast, bacillus, causes TB
Mycoplasma hominis causes pneumonia, no cell wall
Mycoplasma pneumoniae causes pneumonia, no cell wall
Neissera gonorrhoeae G-, diplococcus, causes gonorrhea
Nocardia asteroidis acid-fast, causes pulmonary infections
Nocardia brasiliensis acid-fast, causes nocardiosis
Penicillum spp. creates many antibacterials
Pseudomonas aeruginosa G-, bacillus, causes burns and UTI, affects CF patients, resistant to disinfectants
Rhodospirillum rubrum G-, spirillum
Saccharomyces cerevisiae used to produce beer and wine
Salmenella typhi G-, causes typhoid fever
Serratia marascens G-, bacillus
Staphlococcus aureus G+, coccus, causes food poisoning and TSS
Staphlococcus epidermidis G+, coccus, found on skin
Streptococcus mutans G+, found in dental plaque
Streptococcus cremoris G+, lactic acid bacteria
Streptococcus pneumoniae G+, coccus, causes pneumonia and meningitis, more than 85 strands exist
Streptococcus pyogens G+, coccus, strep throat
Treponema pallidum G-, spirochetes, syphilis
Treponema pertenue G-, causes yaws
Treponema spp. G-, Treponematosis
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