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Ch 17 US

Flashcards for CH 17, Cold War

Eisenhower and Dulles plan to counter a Soviet attack on any nation with nuclear weapons. Massive Retaliation
Soviet satellite, first man-made object to orbit the Earth. Sputnik I
The belief that it was up to the United States to build a free world in our Image. Manifest Destiny
The Big Three, not the automakers...lol :) (yes, I am being intentionally cheesy. FDR, Churchill, Stalin
Post war plans were made at this conference, including groundwork for the UN. Yalta Conference
Originally formed by 50 countries in San Francisco, this huge International Organization now makes its home in NY, NY. The United Nations
This international organization was hoped to help maintain world peace after WW II. The UN or United Nations.
This meeting between the US, England, and the USSR, led to the agreement to divide Germany into zones. Potsdam Conference
Built in 1961, this divided the city of Berlin between the Communist and Western sectors. Berlin Wall
United States president at the end of WW II. Harry S. Truman
The attempt by the West to hold Communism to its existing borders of the late 1940's. Containment
The Period from the late 1940's until the 1990's, or today, where the US and the USSR competed against each other. The Cold War
The policy on HOW we dealt with Communism, where we would help all free people not give in to the pressures, fear, and violence of Communism and promise to use force to help. The Truman Doctrine
The effort to help Europe rebuild economically after WW II. The Marshall Plan.
The massive effort to supply Berlin after the Soviets blockade West Berlin and prevented supplies from entering the city by land. Berlin Airlift
A military alliance between the US and Western European Nations to counter the Soviet threat. NATO, or North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Competition to build more weapons, nuclear and conventional that their opponents. Arms Race
Redistributing property amongst a nations populace. Land Reform
Leader of the Chinese Nationalist Government Chiang Kai-shek
Leader of the Chinese Communist Forces Mao Tse-tung
Containing a conflict or war by areas or other means to avoid total war. Limited War
The United States supported which group in the Chinese Civil War. Nationalists
The United States supported which group in the Korean War. South Koreans
This organization was used to raise troops to support South Korea during the War. United Nations
What was used to end the Berlin Crisis? Airlift
This man was in charge of all forces in Korea and was eventually fired by President Truman. Gen. MacArthur
Eisenhower's plan to have US and USSR stockpile radioactive materials for peaceful purposes. "Atoms for Peace"
Radiation carried by winds and ash that can kill or make people sick. Radioactive Fallout
The US satellite, 2nd man-made object to orbit the Earth. Explorer I
Connections between companies and US military that could drive war or aggressive stances. Military-Industrial Complex
The USSR and its allies created this military organization to counter NATO's influence in Europe. Warsaw Pact
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