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Chap 8&9 Vocabulary

Chap 8 & 9 Vocabulary

Products made for personal use consumer goods
Taking home a product after paying only part of the price and then making monthly payments until the product is paid for. installment buying
An extra amount surplus
The process in which tasks that were once done by hand are now done by machines mechanization
The movement of people to cities urbanization
To travel back and forth to work commute
A music style influenced by the music of West Africa and by spirituals and blues jazz
A time of great interest and activity in the arts renaissance
A place where people buy and sell stocks or share in companies stock market
Someone who uses money to buy or make somthing profitable investor
A time when industries do not grow and many people are out of work depression
The number of workers without a job unemployment
A plan for spending in which a government does not spend more money than it makes balanced budget
An idea for a law bill
Retirement income paid to people who stop working at a certain age pension
By law, the lowest amount of money that a person can be paid per hour minimum wage
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