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Chp. 16 and 17

How were the Han's candidates selected? Passing strict tests to prove knowledge and ability
What happened in the Qin Dynasty Unification of China
What happened in the Tang Dynasty Economic development and growth Inventions and discoveries
What happened in the Yuan Dynasty Mongol Control
What happened in the Sui Dynasty and why Chaos and division because of heavy taxes
What happened in the Ming Dynasty Opening and closing of foreign influences
4 ends of Han Dynasty? Attacked by bandits High taxes Corrupt relatives and servants of the emporer seized gov't control Farmers lost land and rebelled
How was the Sui Dynasty founded? The northern state of Sui conquered the south and reunified China
How did civil service exams favor the wealthy? Only the wealthy could afford tutors
How was cheating prevented by Song officials Candidates were locked in a small room for several days and papers were copied for anonymousness
Government officials' priveleges? Excused from taxes and military service
Yuan dynasty downfall? Mongol leader's greed and fighting weakened the gov't
Bureaucracy A highly organized body of workers with many levels of authority
Warlord A military leader operating outside the control of the government
Civil Service Examination A test given to qualify candidates for positions in the government
What drove china's population from north to south during the Tang and Song Dynasties? Wars and attack by people from Mongolia
Crops in north and south Wheat and Millet - North Rice Plants - South
How was the new rice better?(2 ways) Resistant to drought Grew in 3 less months
What was the impact of increased agricultural production on china's population? It grew to more then 100 million people for the first time
How was water transportation better than an oxcart? It was cheaper and 20mph faster
How did navigational improvements promote trade? They made it easier for soldiers to find their way on long voyages
Why did urbanization occur in China? There were more oppurtunities for business and people preferred city shops and social life
How were women treated poorly in Song China? Their feet were tightly bound so they would have small feet but it was difficult to wald with
Harrow a farm tool that broke up and evened out plowed ground
chain pump a pump with containers attached to a chain loop that lifted and carried water
barge a long boat with a flat bottom
currency the form of money used in a country
Created by: Awesomeness3242