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p&p nwcc

who discovered chiropractic D D palmer
when was chiropractic started 1895
where was chiropractic started davenport, iowa
who was the first chiropractic patient harvey lillard
who named chiropractic samuel weed
what does chiropractic mean done by hand
who discovered osteopathy andrew taylor still
when was osteopathy started 1874
when was andrew taylor still's school started 1892
where was osteopathy started missouri
who was the developer of chiropractic bj palmer
who was morikubo was arrested for practicing medicin without a license.
where did morikubo's trial held in lacross wisconson
when was morikubo's trial 1907
what was morikubo's defense Tom Morris, senator and lawyer, defended him
how did the 1904 textbook by solon langworthy affect the morikubo case it contributed the "supremacy of the nerve" theory that won the case
how did morikubos victory affect chiropractic philosophy it gave an identity in the "supremacy of the nerve" and led bj to coin himself as the philosopher or chiropractic
who is abraham flexner he was commissioned by the ama in 1910 to look into the state of medical education
whad did abraham flexner do His "flexnor report" found many of the medical schools to be incompetent and led to many closures
when did abraham flexner judge the competance of medical schools 1910
what were "basic science laws" tests over basic science principles that anyone in healing was required to pass before they were allowed to take the boards
what were "basic science laws" designed to do? to keep chiropractors out because most chiro students of the time had little or no advanced science classes
how long were "basic science laws" around 1920's to 1970's
who was chiropractics abraham flexner John nugent
how did ICA affiliated schools react to the work of john nugent the profession bought out all ACA schools and merges them to 8. the schools become not for profit and followed nugents standards for accreditation
what is the CCE, and who approved it to become the accrediting agent for chiropractic education the Chiropractic Council of Education, the ACA/NCA approved the CCE and also BJ palmer
When was NWCC founded and by whome 1941, dr. john wolfe
why was NWCC founded in response to the need for a school that offered a broad program in clinical, chiropractic, and basic sciences
who was the creator of the biggest chiropractic hospital. where was it, and how long did it operate leo spears, willward carver unit, denver, CO. from 1943 to 1950
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