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Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny, Railroad Growth - Industrialism
Pendleton Act After Garfields Assassination begins Civil Service Commission tries to end Spoils System
Robber Barron People accused of swindling investors/ tax payers- bribing government officials & cheating on their contracts & debts
Populism Movement to increase farmers political power
Social Darwinism Herbert Spencer theory of evolution to human society
Homestead Act $10 registration, and individual could file to own land up to 160 acres must live on it and work it for 5 years
Realism attempted to portray people realistically In art & literature
Political Machine An informal political group designed to gain & keep power
Party Boss Person who ran the political machine
Graft Getting money through dishonest fraud- political machines & party bosses - grew rich through graft
Tammany Hall A New York political machine
Tenements Crowded multi-family apartments
Nativism The preference for native-born
Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 law barred Chinese Immigrants
Angel Island Like Ellis Island but for Asian or Pacific citizens
AFL American Federation of Labor. 1st leader Samuel Gompus.
Open/Closed Shop Open- Companies do not require union membership Closed- Companies only have union members.
Blacklist A list of trouble makers
Hay market Riot Wanted 8 hr. day. Strikes took place in many cities
Pullman Strike economic hard times called eh Pullman train company to slash wages
Knights of Labor New labor organization
Lockout To stop workers from joining a union
Arbitration Impartial 3rd party helps workers and management reach agreement
Holding Company Instead produce items, it owns stocks of those companies
Time Zones 4 regions where time is the same
Vertical Integration Owns all of the different components that an industry needs.
Horizontal Integration Combining several companies engaged in same businesses
Saloon Served as early political centers
Poll Tax to vote you had to play $2.00
Assimilate to make people be American
Credit Mobilizer Scandal it was a construction company that signed contracts with selves
Laissez Faire economic policy of govt. not interfering
Entrepreneurs people who risk their capital
Atlanta Compromise Booker T Washington- where he asked black to focus on education
A. Graham Bell invented phone for communication
Thomas Edison light bulb- menlo park lab
Jack Riis muckraker- abject poverty- wrote "how other 1/2 lives"
Herbert Spencer social darwinism- "on the origin of species by means of Natural Selection"
Jane Adams hull house- a settlement house
Mark Twain said "Gilded Age"
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