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NWHSU Principles and Philosophy 1 Final

Who "discovered" x-ray in 1895? Wilhelm Roentgen
Who "discovered" osteopathy? Andrew Taylor Still (or A.T. Still)
When did A.T. Still "discover" osteopathy? 1874
Where did A.T. Still "discover" osteopathy? Kirksville, Missouri and founded first school, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
What was A.T. Still background? Civil War Field Medic
Who "discovered" Chiropractic? D.D. Palmer
When did D.D. Palmer "discover" Chiropractic? September 18, 1895
Where did D.D. Palmer "discover" Chiropractic? Davenport, IA
What was D.D. Palmer's background? Fish monger, magnetic healer, grade school teacher
Who was D.D. Palmer's first patient? Harvey Lillard
Who did D.D. Palmer ask to help name the new science? Reverend Samuel Weed
What does the name (chiropractic) mean? Adjustment, done by hand, effective treatment by hand
Who called himself the "Developer" of chiropractic? B.J. Palmer
Who was the defendant in early case that helped protect as yet unlicensed profession of chiropractic? Shegetaro Morikubo
When was the trial? 1907 (Morikubo arrested 7/22/1907)
What was Shegetaro Morikubo accused of? Practicing medicine without a license, initially charged with practicing surgery, osteopathy, and medicine but defense attorney Morris argued reduced charges
Where was the trial? La Crosse, WI
Whose 1904 textbook was invaluable to the defense? Langworthy's Modernized Chiropractic
What was the result of the trial? In favor, chiropractic is a separate and distinct medical field; chiropractic is different than osteopathy (chiropractic focused on the nerves while osteopathy focused on the arteries)
What did this have to do with chiropractic "philosophy"? Basis of chiropractic philosophy because chiropractic was not just different from medicine but opposite of it. The semantic tools used to distinguish medicine and chiropractic B.J. named chiropractic "philosophy".
What barrier to licensure did AMA create in the 1920's? Basic Science Exams (Flexner Report)
Who led mid-20th century chiropractic education reform? John J. Nugent (In 1940's)
Whose report helped bring reform to medical education in early 20th century? Abraham Flexner (Flexner Report)
Who created the world's largest chiropractic hospital? Dr. Leo Spears
Where was Dr. Leo Spear's hospital? Denver, CO
When was this hospital founded? 1943 (closed in 1984)
How did ICA-affiliated schools react to educational reform efforts leading up to CCE approval by Federal Government? ICA affiliated schools, led by B.J. Palmer, resisted all educational reforms proposed by Nugent and the NCA (now ACA)from the 40's until '74, when the federal government recognized Council on Chiropractic Education as the sole chiro ed accrediting body.
Created by: AnatomyMash