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Ch 18 6th SS

6th grade SS chapter 18

lodes rich streaks of ore
ore rock
ghost town deserted boomtowns as prospectors moved on to more promising sites or returned home
subsidies financial aid and land grants fromthe government
transcontinental spans the continent and connects the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts
open range land that is not fenced or divided into lots
brand symbol burned into cattle's hide to show who owns the cattle
homestead earn ownership of land by settling on it
sodbusters Plains farmers who needed new methods and tools
dry farming to plant seeds deep in the ground where there was some moisture
nomadic someone who travels great distances follwoing their main food source, such as buffalo
reservations tracts of land set aside for them
1869 transcontinental railroad completed
Utah where the transcontinental railway was completed
time zones the way people measured time as a result of the railroad
1858 Pike's Peak in the Colorado Rockies gold was discovered
lodes where most of the gold was located in the goldfields
railroads expanded rapidly between 1865 and 1890 railroads could move more goods and people faster
railroad construction made possible government subsidized it
1865 civil war ended
transcontinental railway used to move things out west
chinese contributed a great deal to the construction of the Transcontinental Railway
cattle kingdom ended overgrazing and glut of cattle
1862 Homestead Act
Homestead Act gave 160 free acres of land to a settler who paid a filing fee and lived on the land for five years
challenges of the Plains farmer harsh climate, bad winters, plaques of grasshoppers
reasons buffalo were killed food, clothing, shelter
1887 dawes act
dawes act proposed to break up the reservation and end tribal group identification
George Armstrong Custer a military veteran of the Civil War
Little Big Horn Custer's last stand
Sittng Bull Lokota Sioux leader
how did Sitting die in a scuffle during a ghost dance
Chief Joseph said, "I will never fight forever"
1890 Wounded Knee
Wounded Knee last armed conflict between native Americans and US army
Created by: fhershey