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Chpt 18 SS

Civil War

1. Which Texan became the second highest ranking officer in the Confederate army? Albert Sydney Johnston
2. Define secede To formally withdraw
3. Explain state's rights The state's power is more than the federal government
4. What were the advantages of the South? skilled military men and cotton diplomacy
5. What were Sam Houston's feelings about the war? He said the north was determined to keep the union together
6. What was the major cash crop in the south? cotton
7. What was Sherman's contribution to the war? Led a destructive march through Georgia and the Carolinas
8. What was Texas like after the Civil War? state of political and economic collapse
9. Where did most of the major battles of the Civil War take place? East of the Mississippi River
10. What area did General Grant fight for? Mississippi River Valley
11. What city did Grant take that split the Confederacy in half? Vicksberg
12. Where were Sibley and the Texan forces defeated? Glorietta Pass
13. Where did Major Dowling fight the Union army? Sabine Pass
14. Why did some Texans attempt to leave during the war? To avoid the draft
15. Which two generals were present at the defeat of the Confederacy? Lee and Grant
16. What was the last battle of the Civil War fought? Palmito Ranch
17. What document freed the slaves? Emancipation Proclamation
18. In what year did the Civil War end? 1865
19. What were three main issues between North and South? slavery, tariffs, state's rights
20. Explain the connection between abolitionists and free speech Abolitionists used free speech to argue against slavery
21. Explain the Kansas-Nebraska Act The states can decide by themselves whether to be slave or free
22. What is the Dred-Scott decision? People who have African ancestors are not citizens and cannot sue in court
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