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Civil War - 8

Review of SC HIstory Civil War test

Before the Civil War, the North was known as the... Union
Before the Civil War, the South was known as the... Confederacy
What was placed on all goods imported into the U.S. that the North liked, but the South did not? A tariff
What was the one issue that divided the North and South before the Civil War began? They wanted to have their own laws and they wanted slavery to stay.
Why did the South (Confederacy) not want to have one central government for the U.S.? The Suth wanted slavery; the North placed tariffs on goods sent to the South; the North wanted a cenral government, etc.
The people who wanted slavery to end were called what? Abolitionists
Why did people in the South not like abolitionists? The abolitionists were people who were against slavery.
Why was the South upset when Abraham Lincoln was elected president? Abraham Lincoln wanted slavery to end and he wanted a centralized government.
Why did South Carolina leave (or secede) from the Union? SC wanted to become their own nation and create their own laws to protect slavery.
What does the term “secede” mean? Secede means to leave a country.
When the Confederate states left the Union and named themselves the Confederate States of America, who did they elect as their president? Jefferson Davis
Why did President Lincoln not want the Confederate states to leave the Union? He wanted to create a united nation with one government.
Fort Sumter was fired upon because… President Lincoln blockaded Charleston Harbor and the South wanted the Union to leave.
Where did the Confederate states plan to get their supplies from since they were no longer apart of the U.S.? Port Royal
Why did President Lincoln order the blockade of Charleston? He did not want the South to continue getting supplies needed from Europe to continue the war.
Why did the Union want to take over Port Royal? So the South could not continue getting supplies from Europe.
A soldier's life in the Civil War can be described as... Eating hard cookies called "hard tacks"; carrying their supplies where ever they went; being forced by the draft to leave home.
How did the Civil War affect families and poor farmers? Families were broken apart when men went to war and the poor farmers were forced to grow crops for the soldiers and not their families.
Who did most freed African Americans fight for in the Civil War? The Union
Why was the Penn School created? The Penn School was created to educate freed black slaves.
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? This was a proclamation stated by President Lincoln that declared all slavery had ended throughout the North and South.
Why was the H. L. Hunley important in the Civil War? The H. L. Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy ship.
The affects on SC caused by General Sherman were... 1) He set fire to barns and houses and stole things; 2) He destroyed Columba by setting buildings on fire and almost destroyed the State House in Columbia.
The Civil War ended with which side surrendering, the Union or the Confederacy? The Confederacy
Created by: iteachatRBE3
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