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LAA Exam 2

Anonymous "Calavera Unmasking the Truth" El Calavera 26 March 1847 Mexico? <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/bhM5qm6Nm6HRVWuiZlzn.w.jpg">
Anonymous "Chanzas de Cupido" El Tío Nonillo 30 October 1850 Mexico? <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/8PFh0l5cMILB9sXj702VZQ.jpg">
Anonymous "Chanzas de Cupido" El Tío Nonillo 30 October 1850 Mexico? <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/ZnKTttXnppRYD6CaOAcUEA.jpg">
Jose' Guadalupe Posada "Cathedral and Central Square of Guanajuato" from History of Guanajuato, vol. 4 1884 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/6yNCvYXqS8X9OEwATvzTcg.jpg">
Jose' Guadalupe Posada Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla c. 1899 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/YuqBoidfUiubz4t1ExMP-A.jpg">
Jose' Guadalupe Posada Here is the Calavera of the Popular Publisher A. Vanegas Arroyo 1907 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/fU3O5JYB93-efJ8lpnka9w.jpg">
Jose' Guadalupe Posada Miraculous Image of Our Savior 1903 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/si2d3FtLdkyno6UmM5Z9gA.jpg">
Diego Rivera Zapatista Landscape (The Guerilla) 1915 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/1A27FmIKl34vejqw1Hbwew.jpg">
Diego Rivera Creation Bolívar Amphitheatre, National Preparatory School, Mexico City Encaustic and Gold Leaf 1922-23 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/cAzWnA3qtHg7wOiwlv5frA.jpg">
José Clemente Orozco Maternidad (Maternity) National Preparatory School, Mexico City 1923-24 Fresco Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/xkRkGuC8cC5bZNRf7JmZOQ.png">
David Alfaro Siqueiros Los Elementos (Elements) National Preparatory School, Mexico City Encaustic and Fresco 1923 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/k6ZiglLj-SYujL85i3RRFQ.jpg">
José Clemente Orozco La Huelga (The Strike) National Preparatory School, Mexico City 1926 Fresco Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/Fz4pmTzNyWNKi2vWUeccYw.jpg">
José Clemente Orozco Christ Destroying His Cross 1943 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/aZCLDGV03-UQoc0qgrqjqA.jpg">
Diego Rivera Formation of Revolutionary Leadership Chapel Universidad Autonoma, Chapingo, Mexico Fresco 1926-27 Mexico
Diego Rivera Detroit Industry South Wall Detroit Institute of Arts 1932 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/PjQXj8XmPnoFDekw-9txQQ.jpg">
Diego Rivera, Man, Controller of the Universe Museo del Palacio, De Bellas Artes, Mexico City 1934 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/diAaYhSgCp88sqTmhNxPQA.jpg">
Diego Rivera Modern Industry one of 21 fresco panels for New Workers School, New York 1933 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/uxI-KdcADMZ1Bd0P8jT7Cg.jpg">
Diego Rivera Flower Day 1925 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/mkDX-7AJw77DycjF7DCZNg.png">
Diego Rivera Good Friday on the Santa Anita Canal Ministry of Education 1923-24 <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/6IissuENQ9CI99-xMaimoA.jpg">
Diego Rivera Flower Seller with Lilies 1943 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/OyRa43toamcaHu2RpjrmaA.jpg">
José Sabogal The Indian Mayor of Chincheros: Varayoc 1925 Peru ... Franscisco Laso The Indian Potter 1855 Peru ... Siqueiros Peasant Mother 1929 Mexico <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/9voy1HbOv4zbU.755fvalw.png">
Eduardo Kingman The Hauliers 1941 Ecuador <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/Xh-7uSnaIwKYGoaUjCbZBg.jpg">
Oswaldo Guayasamín The Strike 1938 Ecuador <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/4kRyzc8RFdLm-qMwqxdI-w.jpg">
Oswaldo Guayasamín The Procession 1942 Ecuador <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/uod4sF5W1AesWLH2kPrvhw.jpg">
Oswaldo Guayasamín Flagellation II: Indian Theme "Road of Tears" Series 1948 Ecuador <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/QbD6-XYHjsc9dsm8p9LJGg.jpg">
Oswaldo Guayasamín The Bullfight: Mestizo Theme "Road of Tears" Series 1947 Ecuador <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/iO.5563OjdAGb6.sEo.LYQ.jpg">
Antonio Berni Unemployed 1934 Argentina <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/YubixfDy2cb4Ea7wGfkBiA.jpg">
Antonio Berni Juanito Laguna Goes to the City 1963 Argentina <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/0LWY14F-RqJigABjwgMKmA.jpg">
Candido Portinari Coffee 1935 Brazil Neo-realism <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/QWN-6oowh0PBb5uIY7ZMoA.jpg">
Anonymous "Calavera Unmasking the Truth" El Calavera 2 February 1847 Mexico? <img src="http://o.quizlet.com/0KK9gt34QiHYzs-kwBUfUg.jpg">
Created by: takeshertime