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US WWII Key Facts

Identify Key Figures and Events of WW II.

Prime Minister of England during the Policy of Appeasement towards Germany Neville Chamberlain
The year WW II officially begins. 1939
The American President during most of WW II, elected 4 times. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR.
Date of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Dec. 7, 1941
Battle of Guadalcanal, Americans drive Japanese from island 1942
Japanese Fleet defeated at the Battle of Midway 1942
Commander and Chief of Far East US Forces. Appointed so in 1942. Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Chief Scientist of the Manhattan Project. J. Robert Oppenheimer
Plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Enola Gay
D-Day Code name Operation Overlord
Commander of Germany's North African Tanks. Gen. Erwin Rommel, "The Desert Fox"
Italy surrendered to Allies unconditionally... September 1943.
V-E Day Victory in Europe Day, May 8, 1945.
Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ike
This event brought the US into WWII. The attack on Pearl Harbor
Meeting between FDR and Churchill outlining how the world should look after WWII. The Atlantic Charter
US strategy to defeat Japan in the Pacific. Island Hopping
Germany's offensive against Great Britain early in the war Battle of Britain
Investments made in the US to help pay for the war effort. War Bonds
Restricting amounts of goods allowed to be used by a population, it often occurs during the war. Rationing
US project to build the atomic bombs. The Manhattan Project
June 6, 1944, it was a major offensive to "take back" mainland Europe. D-Day
Locations where the US placed people of Japanese descent in Hawaii after Pearl Harbor Relocation Camps
Jews, Roma, and many other groups were placed in these locations in Europe by the Nazis. Concentration Camps
Decoding project used on intercepted Japanese radio transmissions. MAGIC
Russia, Great Britain, United States, and Free French Forces Allies
Germany, Japan, and Italy Axis Powers
Citizens were required to keep lights off at night, or keep indoor lights from projecting outdoors at night. Blackouts
Information used by governments to help sway public opinion to support certain causes. Propaganda
Movie by Charlie Chaplin that made fun of Hitler. The Great Dictator
US citizens were encouraged to have these in their backyards to help save food for the troops in WWII. Victory Gardens
Group that provides entertainment to US Military and their families. USO, United Service Organization
December 7, 1941 The Day that will live in Infamy
Allies planted fake plans about invading Mediterranean Islands for the Germans to find. Operation Mincemeat
The Allied invasion of North Africa Operation Torch
The Allied invasion of Sicily Operation Husky
September, 1939 The start of World War II
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