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New South Era

New South Idea of making the South stronger and more independent by becoming more industrial
Triumvirate Ruling body of three
Urban City-like
Suburbs Communities on the outskirts of a city
Suffrage Right to vote
Temperance Anti-alcohol
Grange A farm and its buildings
Farmer's Alliance Social organization formed to help farmers buy goods at cheap prices
Populist Party "People's Party"; formed through a combo of the Farmer's Alliance and labor unions; meant to stop unfair practices
Scrip Money that isn't legal currency
Who coined the phrase "New South?" Henry W. Grady
Who were the 3 members of the Bourbon Triumvirate? John Gordon, Joseph Brown, Alfred Colquitt
List positives accomplished by the BT. Expanded industry, lowered war debt and taxes
List negatives accomplished by the BT. Spread racism and hate, overlooked corrupt practices in government, factories and hospitals, white supremacy
When was the New South era? After Reconstruction
Who is Henry W. Grady? GA journalist, national public speaker
Who were the people of the superpower couple? William and Rebecca Felton
What were the Feltons' causes? Poor people, convict lease system
What were Rebecca's causes? Suffrage, temperance, politics
What was the convict lease system? System in which people and businesses rented convicts to work in exchange for food/shelter, very corrupt, Brown and Gordon involved
Why were farmers going bankrupt? Due to poor economic conditions
Why was the grange formed? As a social and political force to help farmers
GA was the first state to do what to help farmers? To form a government agency
What two groups combined to form the Populist Party? The Grange and the Farmers Alliance
Who was Tom Watson? A famous populist, US representative from GA, RFD (Rural Free Delivery) Bill
Length of school year? Three months
Grade levels? Mixed together, 1-8
Instruction? Spelling, reading, writing, grammar, geography, simple math
School facilities? Anywhere- barn, tree, schoolhouse
Methods of punishment? Circus Wag, Horse and Rider
Teacher training and duties? One month training, 70+ on test
Teacher salaries? Black= $25/month White= $65/month
Alanzo Herndon Former slave, operated successful ATL barber shop, owned real estate in ATL, established Atlanta Life Insurance Agency
Sidney Lanier Famous NSE poet and author, wrote "The Song of the Chattahoochee" and "The Marshes of Glynn," wrote orchestral piece with words for USA's centennial, lake named for him
Joel Chandler Harris Famous NSE author, worked at the ATL Constitution with Henry Grady, compiled Uncle Remus Tales
Mary Lumpkin Established the first Ladies Garden Club in America
Martha Berry Established a highly successful college in Rome, GA by using her family's former plantation, land and money
Ty Cobb First player to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
Juliet Gordon Lowe Founded the American Girl Scouts in Savannah, GA
Morris Reich Founded Rich's Department store in 1867
The opening of Rich's Department store? 1867- Rich's became GA's first department store
The first phone conversation in GA? 1881- Between Anton Kontz and Wrenn, railroad people
The beginning of Coca-Cola? 1886- Began as a local GA drink invented by Doc Pemberton, Robert Woodruff turned into a mutli-billion dollar business
The opening of GA Tech? 1888- Two buildings in downtown ATL, now one of the top tech schools in the US
Inman Park? 1889- Two miles east of downtown Atlanta
The Cotton States and International Exposition? 1880s and 1890s- Over 800,000 visitors; John Philip Sousa, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, displayed GA's hospitality
When was Mary Phagan murdered? April 1913
Where was Mary Phagan murdered? Pencil Factory in Atlanta, GA
What prompted the rebirth of the KKK? The murder of Mary Phagan
When was the KKK reborn? August 1915
How many members did the KKK have at its most popular? Four million
Created by: reneslacis