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Travel Insurance

Understanding a travel insurance policy

This plan is for Covering you and the members of your family who go with you on your journey Family plan
This plan is for Covering you and your dependant children under 21 (limited to 2 children) travelling with you listed as covered on your Certificate of Insurance. single plan
This means a medical condition, not being an injury, which first occurs during your period of cover sickness
This means the time from when you leave your home to go directly to the place you depart from on your travels, and ends when you return to your home. journey
an ongoing medical or dental condition, or related complication you have for which advice, treatment or medication has been prescribed by one of the people listed in this definition, within 90 days before you purchased your policy pre-existing
what is the definition of: •leaving your luggage with a person you have not previously met. •leaving it in a position where it can be taken without your knowledge. •leaving it at such a distance from you that you are unable to prevent it being taken. unsupervised
This means any personal items owned by you and that you take with you, or buy, on your journey and which are designed to be worn or carried about with you. This includes items of clothing, personal jewellery personal effects
This means bodily harm caused solely and directly by violent, accidental, visible and external means, which happens at a definite time and place during your period of cover and does not result from any illness sickness or disease. injury
This means the amount which you must first pay for each claim arising from the one event before a claim can be made under your policy excess
This means means a boot, trunk, glove box, enclosed centre console, or concealed cargo area of a station wagon, hatchback, van or motorhome Locked Storage Compartment
These are things that may happen but are completely out of your control unforseen circumstances
what is the cover If you are injured during your journey and become disabled within 30 days because of the injury, and the disablement continues for more than 30 days after your return to New Zealand, we will pay you what you normally earn. loss of income
I am currently overseas and have no insurance – can I still take out your policy? No
Means any item(s) carried as Your Personal Effects or baggage which could be easily damaged or destroyed Fragile
An activity where it is recognised there is an increased risk of injury or can be reasonably expected to exacerbate an existing medical condition. Hazardous Activity
Means when control of the Public Transport You are travelling in has been seized by force. Hijack
Currency notes and coins in circulation. cash
Unused and irrecoverable travel, car hire, excursions and accommodation expenses paid or contracted to be paid by You in respect of Your Trip. Cancellation costs
This document which gives You full details of what is and is not covered and the conditions of the cover. Policy Schedule
The use of train, bus, coach or ferry services, or scheduled flights, running to a published timetable to join the booked travel itinerary. Public transport
Means when You are not in full view of and not in a position to prevent unauthorised interference with Your Personal Effects, baggage or vehicle. unattended
Articles made of or containing gold, silver or other precious metals,jewellery, leather goods, animal skins, photographic equipment, electrical and electronic equipment of any kind, valuables
Skiing, Off-Piste skiing (except in areas designated as unsafe by resort management), snowboarding with a leash, recreational racing, mono skiing, guided cross country skiing, snow mobiling, tobogganing and ice skating. wintersports
Under what shedule of cover are you insured if in the event of something stopping you going on Your booked first outward flight, or sea trip from NZ due to: (a) strike, (b) industrial action, (c) adverse weather conditions, (d) mechanical breakdown Travel Delay
Under what schedule of cover if You sustain Bodily Injury which shall solely and independently of any other cause, result within two years in Your death, loss of limb, loss of sight or permanent total disablement. personal accident
Schedule of Cover for Your legal liability for Accidental injury to third parties and/or Accidental damage to their property. personal liability
Are you covered for claims arising from anxiety, stress, depression, or any other mental or nervous disorder. no
are you covered for claims arising for treatment or surgery which, in the opinion of the Insurer's Medical Advisors, is not essential or can reasonably be delayed until Your return to NZ no
Are you covered for claims in respect of expenses arising from You not possessing return travel tickets. no
Definition of Your Spouse, fiancé, fiancée, parent, brother, sister, child, grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, son and daughter-in-law. immediate family
Definition of Air, rail, sea and/or coach transport operated by an established, licensed airline, passenger carrying service operator, tour operator or public transport service, providing regular, scheduled transport for fare paying passengers. scheduled transport
Definition of The person to whom You are: (a) legally married; (b) with whom You live in a relationship equivalent to marriage, and You have continuously cohabitated for the period of at least 3 months prior to the date Your Journey commence spouse
included or excluded? Pregnancy, except for emergency medical treatment up to and including the 20th week of pregnancy (providing the pregnancy was without complication at the date You arranged Your policy) and only for Unexpected medical complications. excluded
Under what schedule are you covered If, as a result of an Unexpected Event, You have to cut Your Journey short to return to New Zealand, Curtailment
under what schedule of the policy are you covered if , as a result of an Unexpected Event, Your travel is interrupted for more than 36 hours, but You remain overseas on Your Journey, Interruption
Created by: jackiebrown
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