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Chapter 9 Ancient G.

What are three physical features of greece? deep valleys, mountains, and rugged highlands
what sea lies to the east of greece? aegean
what sea lies to the west of greece? ionian
What sea lies to the south of greece? mediterranean
Greeks interacted with other people and cultures because of______. trade
Because the people of Greece were separated by Mountains, the people developed many ______ and ________ communities. small and independent
The ______ were the first people to settle on the Aegean Sea. minoans
The greeks believed that most gods lived on ______ _______. Mount Olmpus
The greeks believed that the gods and goddesses behaved like ______. humans
The story of the Trojan War is a blend of ______ and ______. legends and myths
The Trojan War started by the kidnapping of ______. Helen
The greeks tricked Trojans by building a large wooden______. horse
Homer then wrote two poems about the war, the ____ and the _______. illiad and the Odyssey
The citizens of ancient Athens could not be ______,________,and _______ born outside Athens slaves, women, workers
Olympic games were held in the honor of the god______. Zeus
A governing group od a few wealthy people is called a _______. aristocracy
Traditional stories that may include gods and goddesses are called _____. myths
In the city-state of ______ boy were sent to military camp at the age of 7. Sparta
Women had more rights in the city state of _______ then they did in the city state of ______. Sparta, Athen
The golden age of greece included ......... philosophers, building projects, democracy and that it was under the leadership of Pericles.
The _______ was built by pericles to honor the goddess Athena and has become one of the best known temples in history. Parthenon
During the Peloponnesian war, ______ conquered ______. sparta, athens
The philosopher ______ believed that a perfect world would be created by applying a reason. plato
the philosopher ______ developed the model we use now for the modern university. Aristotle
The Philosopher______ tried to teach people to think my asking questions. This is known as the _______ method Socrates, socratic
the _______ _______ was an alliance of Greek city states. Delian League
Hired soldiers int he perisan army were called_______. merenaries
pericles was killed by a ______ _____ _______. disease called plague
the 26 mile marathon is named after an athenian warrior named_____________. Pheidippides
________ _____ ______ spread greek culture to Europe, Asia , and Africa Alexander the great
__________ was a famous inventor and mathematician Archimedes
3 inventions pulley system, democracy, geometry
socrates- developed socratic method, which is teaching people to think by asking questions
aristotle developed medel for modern university
plato believed that a perfect world would be created by applying a reason
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