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Key info from Chapter 23 (Depression and New Deal)

What 1929 event is considered to be the beginning of the Great Depression? The stock market crashing
What was that Tuesday, October 29th called? "Black Tuesday"
People could borrow a sum of money from a bank, and then repay that money over time. This enabled them to buy things they wanted or needed, but now they had the money since they borrowed it from the bank. What is this system called? Credit
Areas of the Great Plains (including Texas) became known as the "Dust Bowl." What were two main reasons why this area got this nickname? 1. There was severe drought (a lack of water) 2. The soil had died and turned to dust since farmers didn't rotate their crops
A new president was elected in 1932 who created social and economic programs to help America ease out of the depression. What was his name? Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
What was the name of the social and economic programs he created? New Deal
In Texas, New Deal programs put people to work by having them do what kinds of jobs? 1. Work in public offices and buildings 2. Repair public buildings 3. Build parks, playgrounds, and monuments 4. Fighting floods, preserving farmlands, buiding dams and state parks
Created by: cadetsteven