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Law & Justce Midterm

Rybarczyk-Law & Justice Midterm 2012

What is true about contracts? For a contract to be valid, there must be an exchange of consideration
Consideration Something of valude that is exchanged in a contract
The free exercise clause is associated with which freedom? religion
The statement, "The primary effect of the law must neither advance nor prohibt religion" is an example of which test? The establishment test
What is true of the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 States do not have to recognize same-sex unions created in other states
Where is privacy protected the most? home
The freedom of speech to yell at a crowd to burn down a building is limited by which test? Incitement Test
The freedom to distribute pornography is limited by which test? Obscentiy
What is the purpose of promoting free speech? The ensure safety, individuals must be ablke to express thier ideas rather than use force.
Where is privacy protected the most? At home
An attempt by the government to prevent the printing of a news story involves prior restraint
A clergy giving a benediction at a public school graduation is an example of: Establishment Clause
Kevin lies about wanting to have children before he is married. The grounds for his wife's annulment are based on: Fruad
The court will allow a divorce or annulment for married couples that are always fighting. Divorce
A contract between unmarried couples that outlines how they want to deal with money, property or responsibilites is a: Prenuptial agreement
What is the term for no longer having your parents as your legal guardian? Emanicipation
A court order that legally ends a valid marriage is known as a: Divorce
What agreement can be made part of the divorce decree? Separation Agreement
Adultury, Desertion and No-fault are grounds for which legal situation? Divorce
Money paid to support either an ex-wife or an ex-husband after a divorce is known as: Alimony
Deciding to carry out a divorce without the assistance of an attorney is known as what? Pro-se divorce
Plaintiffs in tort suits are seeking a(n)? Remedy
The burden of proof in a tort suit is a: Preponderance of Evoidence
Consent is a defence to which type of tort? Intentional
How can a person protect the rights to an invention? Patent
Symbolic damages that show the plaintiff was wronged even though there was not substantial injury or loss are called Nominal Damages
Money awarded to the plaintiff to punish the defendant for milicious, willful, or outrageous acts: Punitive
What was the decision in the case of Wisconsin v. Yoder? The free exercise clause allows Amish children to attend school at home
Created by: srybarczyk
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