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The Age of Jefferson

exam reiew

A state right to set aside a federal law Nullification
Spawned by the Madison administration’s insensitivity towards New England states Hartford Convention
North Star newspaper Frederick Douglass
Mid 19th century political party that strongly favored commercial capitalism Whigs
Seneca Falls Convention Declaration of Sentiments
In mid 19th century, only 25% of white southerners owned slaves
Provided a “home market” American system
Andrew Jackson won electoral plurality, but not the presidency in the Election of 1824
First president of Texas Sam Houston
John Marshall Marbury v. Madison
Influential editor and proponent of the Young America movement John L. O’Sullivan
Helped make New York City the unchallenged commercial capital of the nation Erie Canal
Founded the Oneida community John Humphrey Noyes
Spawned cotton as the major crop of the South Cotton Gin
Indian nation that used the strategy of accommodation to survive Cherokee
As a result of his treaty negotiations, the United States gained a half million square miles from Mexico Nicholas Trist
President who oversaw the expansion of the federal court system Thomas Jefferson
Most great southern planters of the South in the pre-Civil War era were ______________ young men Ambitious
Helped precipitate the financial panic of 1837 Specie circular
Elias Howe Sewing machine
Louisiana Purchase was a treaty between the United States and France
Secretary of State Daniel Webster and Lord Ashburton worked the Webster-Ashburton Treaty
Led the last slave rebellion of pre-Civil War period Nat Turner
Before the development of factories, most clothing and sewing was done in the Home
Nation developed to transport freed blacks Liberia
During the Jeffersonian America era, people living in large cities owed their livelihoods to Trade
Slave communities noted a higher status to people with special ________and Skills and knowledge
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