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fur trade

when was the fur trade early 1600s
who was in the fur trade french explorers and american indains
where was the fur trade along the valley of the st. lawrence river (eastern canada)
what were American indains goods beaver mink other animals
what were french explorers goods blankents jewelre metal goods (knives,kettles,guns
by the 1700s how had the fur trade changed they were trading pelts and trders from french,hollen,and great britain were trading
why did europeans what beaver furs the beavers were made into fur hats which was a sympol rich and powerful
why did american indains want goods they wanted woven fabrics because they were more comorable brace and tin kettels because they were fire proof
what did the trader do the trader coukd read and write the more furs they got the more money they got
what was the traders backround the trader came from a wealthy family
what did the clerk do the clerk worked under the trader the clerk could read and write
what was the clerks backround clerks were young man who dreamed of coming a trader
what did the voyageur do the voyageur paddled 18 hours a day
what was the voyageurs backround were sons of farmers few could read and write
what were the roles of indain men they cought the animals and traded with the europeans
what happented in the winter they indains and traders traded indains collected and prepared the furs
what happened in the spring indains colected last furs of the season traders preared for depature
what happened in the summer indains retuerned to summer camps trader men reteruned to grand portage for the relhdezvous
what happened in the fall indains traveled to winnter hunting grounds
why did explorers and mission come to MN some wanted fameand adventure missionaries wanted indains to give up their religions in favor of christaianitey
Created by: abbeycharlie
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