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Russian Rev

Russian Absolutism

Boyars Landowning nobles
Czar Russian word for Caesar, highest
Ivan the Terrible Took over with very strong laws, enforces laws for murder, destruction, even killed his own son
Autocratic Ruler with complete authority
Peter the great Spent time learning the arts, impressed with England parliament
Peter the Great's reform: social No beard, clothes instead of robes, mix public, dancing
Peter the Great's reform: economics Improved trading, won land (Sweden), migration into Alaska
Peter the Great's reform St. Peters-burg Capital, many people died, west architecture
Catherine the Great Continued westernization, french culture, firm action, black sea (warm water port)
Capitalism Economic system in which means of production are privately owned & operated
Socialism System in which the people as a whole rather then private individuals own property and operate all business
Communism Is a form of socialism which struggles was inevitable
Karl Marx German Philosopher, proposed communism
Key points of Marx communist manifesto Have-nots: working class, rebellion, established a classes, communist society
Created by: mhackett
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