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S.S. 3rd Quarterly


Himalayan Mountains Located in India. A natural barriar. Highest mountain in world. Seperates China and Asia.
Monsoons Seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons.
Subcontinent Large land mass that is smaller than a continent. Ex. India
Settlements of Harrapa and Mahenjo-Daro Both well planned governments. Sewer systems. Ruled by kings. "Burried cities" Harrapa- First civilization Mahenjo-Daro- One of the first civilizations.
Aryans Invaders form Cental Asia. Lived in small communities. Took over Harrapa and brought Sanskrit and Hinduism.
Who are the founders of Hinduism? The Aryans
What are the beliefs of Hinduism? Polytheism, Caste System, Rebirth.
What are the teachings of Hinduism? -Marry someone in your own Caste. -You can only do a job with someone of your own Caste. -Religion was based on the Vedas.
Vedas Teachings of 4 books with hymes and poems.
Caste System -Brahmins -Kshytrias -Vaistryras -Sudras (Out Castes/Untouchables)
Varnas The Aryans Social Division
Reincarnation Process of rebirth.
Karma The effects that good or bad actions have on a persons soul. Determines what class you are reborn into.
Polytheism Belief in many gods.
Who is the founder of Buddhism? The Buddha.
What is the story of Siddhartha? Siddhartha was born a prince. Told his carrige man to take him out. He saw people suffering. Saw a monk under a tree. Wanted to become a monk too.Went out to find the meaning of life. Counldn't find Medditated. Found the meaning of life. Became the Buddh
The Four Noble Truths 1. Suffering is part of life. 2. Suffering comes from our desire and wants. 3. People can overcome these desire and want and reach Nirvana. 4. To overcome you must follow the Eighthfold Path.
The eighthfold path The way ppl caould end their personal suffering 1) right thought 2)right intent 3)right speech 4)right action 5)right livelyhood 6)right effect 7)right mindfulness 8)right concentration
Math Achievements made the #0.
Science Achievements astronomy, knew 7 of the 9 planets
Literature 1 of the worlds longest stories told written in sanskrit.
Hindu temples and art more complex and ornate over time
China's geographic features Gobi desert- seperates China from the north Quinling- seperates north and south China
China's mountains Quinling and Himalayan
China's rivers Huang Lang (yellow) Chang Jang (yangzi)
China's plateau Plateau of tibet. located in SW and had 7 mt. peaks
Dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
Xia dynasty founded by Yu the Great. no evidence
Shang Dynasty artifacts and evidence and ruled northern China
Oracle bones china believed in pretending future written language
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