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WWII & The Holocaust

By 1945 two out of every _________ European Jews had been killed. 3
How many total Jews were murdered in the Holocaust? 6 million
How many total were murdered in the Holocaust? 11 million
Name the groups of people that the Nazi's targeted for extermination. Jews, Poles, Soviet POWs, political dissidents, homosexuals, mentally & Physically handicapped, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Communists, Socialists
What is "Nazi" a short term for? National Socialist German Workers Party
What year was the Nazi Party formed? 1919
What year did Adolf Hitler become the head of the Nazi party? 1921
What year did Hilter become the Chancellor of Germany? 1933
The Jews were sent to the _______________ before being deported to the Concentration Camps. Ghetto
What country saved most of it's Jewish population in a nighttime rescue operation in 1943 by ferring them in boats to Sweden. Denmark
What is the name of the SS Officer and Physician at Auschwitz who performed experiments on the concentration camp prisoners? Josef Mengele
What was Josef Mengele also known as? The Angel of Death
What group of prisoners did Mengele mostly do his experiments on? twins
What 3 countries made up the Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, and Japan
What countries made up the Allies during WWII? Great Britian, France, and the countries siding with them.
What is the definition of "Blitzkrieg"? Lightning War
Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britian during the majority of WWII? Winston Churchill
What was the German "Luftwaffe"? German Air Force
To which country did the "Red Army" belong? Russia
The US remained neutral during WWII until what event? The attack on Pearl Harbor
What is the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor? Dec. 7, 1941
What country performed the attack on Pearl Harbor? Japan
Who said, "Dec. 7th is a date that will leave in infamy"? Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who was the US president during the majority of WWII? Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who was president of the US after Roosevelt died? Harry S. Truman
During WWWII, who was the leader of Russia? Joseph Stalin
On what two cities did the US drop atomic bombs to end WWII? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What year did the Nazi assault on the Jews begin? 1933
The Nazi ideology claimed that the Jews were the arch-enemy of the ___________ __________. Aryan race
What is the term that means hatred of the Jews? Antisemitism
What is the name of the laws that defined the Jews according to 'racial' criteria and stripped them of citizenship? Nuremberg Laws (1935)
What was the date of Kristallnacht? November 9-10, 1938
What is the meaning of Kristallnacht? 'Crystal Night': the night of broken glass
What events occurred during Kristallnacht? Nazi police dressed in civilian clothes burned down synagogues, broke into Jewish homes, beat men, women and children, murdered and arrested Jewish men, and sent them to concentration camps. Then made them pay for the damages.
Who were the first people targeted by the Nazi agenda? Political Opponants, the mentally and physically handicapped
What was the name of the mobile killing units? Einsatzgruppen
What was the name of the largest death camp during WWII? Auschwitz
Who was the dictator of Italy at the beginning of WWII? Benito Mussolini
What is the name of a prison of starvation, torture and murder Concentration Camp
Giving up principles to pacify aggressors appeasement
WWII spending ended this economic slump in America Great Depression
Government allows no individual rights Totalitarian
The US general who liberated Paris in 1944 George Patton
The US general who commanded D-Day and Allied invasions of the European mainland Dwight D. Eisenhower
The suicidal military tactic of pilots crashing bomb-laden planes into targets. Kamikaze
the state-sponsored, systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jewry Holocaust
number of Jews that lived in the 21 countries of Europe that would be occupied by Germany during World War II. 9.5 million
number of gypsies, homosexuals, handicapped, political prisoners, Jehovah's Witnesses and other "undesirables" murdered by the Nazi during the Holocaust. 5 million
What the Germans who were thought to be "racially superior" were called. Aryan
A "holding place" for Jews before being transported to the Concentration Camp Ghetto
Germany's intent to kill all the Jews of the Europe Final Solution
prejudice and hostility toward Jews as a religious, racial, or ethnic group anti-semitism
In the concentration camp, what color badge was worn by the homosexuals? pink
In the concentration camp, what color badge was worn by the political prisoners? red
In the concentration camp, what color badge was worn by the habitual criminals? green
In the concentration camp, what color badge was worn by the Jews? yellow
In the concentration camp, what color badge was worn by the people considered to be asocial? black
In the concentration camp, what color badge was worn by the Jehovah's Witness? purple
In the concentration camp, what color badge was worn by the gypsies? brown
In the concentration camp, what color badge was worn by the Emigrants? blue
The process, either official or unofficial, of people being involuntarily moved from their homes because of war, government policies, or other societal actions, requiring groups of people to find new places to live Displacement
Law passed by U.S. Congress limiting the number of Jewish displaced persons who could emigrate to the United States Displaced Persons Act of 1948
Secret State Police Gestapo
Living quarters Established mostly in eastern Europe (e.g., Lodz, Warsaw, Vilna, Riga, or Minsk) Ghetto
The monotheistic religion of the Jews Judaism
From the Greek word meaning dispersion Diaspora
The Nazi policy of denying Jews basic civil rights such as practicing religion, education, and adequate housing. Dehumanization
The Jewish Socialist Party founded in 1897 Bund
A Nazi policy that would have sent Jews to an island off of Africa. Madagascar Plan
Guard detachments originally formed in 1925 as Hitler's personal guard SS
head of the SS and the secret police Heinrich Himmler
Death Camp Auschwitz
Council of Jewish "elders" established on Nazi orders in an occupied area. Judenrat
Created in late 1941 as a "model Jewish settlement" to deceive the outside world, including International Red Cross investigators, as to the treatment of the Jews Theresienstadt
Place in Warsaw where freight trains were loaded and unloaded Umschlagplatz
A six-pointed star which is a symbol of Judaism Star of David
German euphemism for the deportation of prisoners to killing centers in Poland Resettlement
What country saved most of its Jewish population Denmark
WWII started on what date Sept. 1, 1939
The Munich Agreement gave what land to Germany? The Sudenland
The union between Austria and German is called__________ Anchluss
The demilitarized zone after WWi between Germany and France is called_______ Rhineland
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