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3rd Quarter Benchmar

VA SOL 6th Grade

This term means two or more people depend on each other for goods and services. interdependence
This term means for a region to focus on one or a few products. specialization
In the southern region, what type of resource would farmers and enslaved African Americans be called? human
Which colonial region specialized in livestock, grains and fish? Mid Atlantic
Which colonial region specialized in tobacco, rice, cotton, indigo and forest products? Southern
Which colonial region had the Boston Harbor (deep harbor) along with timber and fishing? New England
Worked as caretakers, house-workers, and homemakers. women
Worked to pay for their passage to the New World, but were free at the end of their contract. indentured servants
Worked as craftsmen in towns and plantations. artisans
Key philosophies in the Declaration of Independence were based on ideas from which group of people? European Philosophers
A colonial legislature made laws for each colony, but was monitored by which colonial official? Colonial Governors
Which colonial event was marked by colonists in Boston being shot after taunting British soldiers? Boston Massacre
What happened on July 4, 1776? Approval of the Declaration of Independence
Who championed the cause for independence? John Adams
Which document was written during the Revolutionary War to establish powers of the new national government? Articles of Confederation
Which document provided for a weak national government? Articles of Confederation
Weaknesses of the Articles led to which new document? Constitution
Who was president of the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
Which decided how many votes each state would have in the Senate and the House of Representatives? Great Compromise
Name the three branches of government created in the U.S. Constitution. Judicial, Legislative, Executive
A minimum of what number of the original 13 states had to vote in favor of the Constitution in order for it to become law? 9
First 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Bill of Rights
Which two documents helped shape the Bill of Rights? Virginia Declaration of Rights, Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom
Which of the first five presidents was not from VA? John Adams
Who was president when the federal court system was established? George Washington
Who was president when the two-party system emerged? John Adams
Who was president when the Louisiana Purchase was bought? Thomas Jefferson
This is what the U.S. gained after the War of 1812. respect
Which president warned European nations not to interfere in the Western Hemisphere? James Monroe
Who was the African American who helped design Washington, D.C.? Benjamin Banneker
Which territory did Spain give the U.S. in a treaty? Florida
Which territory was divided by the U.S and Great Britain? Oregon Territory
Which territory was added after it became an independent republic? Texas
A war with which country gained the U.S. both California and the SW Territories? Mexico
The idea or belief that expansion was for the good and the right of the country. Manifest Destiny
Term that means a person who organizes resources to bring a new or better good or service to market in hopes of earning a profit. Entrepreneur
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What major outcome resulted from the invention of the cotton gin? increased production of cotton and thus increased the need for slave labor to cultivate and pick the cotton.
Which two people invented the reaper? Cyrus McCormick & Jo Anderson
What was the outcome of the invention of the reaper? Increased the productivity of the American Farmer
Who improved the steamboat? Robert Fulton
This group of people demanded the freeing of the slaves. abolitionists
This group of people supported “all men and women are created equal.” Wanted women to have the right to vote. suffragists
William Lloyd Garrison wrote which paper? Liberator
Who led slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad? Harriet Tubman
The South believed in states rights, what did Northerners believe? Strong central government, nation is a union that could not be divided.
Compromise where Missouri entered the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state. Missouri Compromise
Which act would let the people decide if they wanted slavery or not? (popular sovereignty) Kansas-Nebraska Act
What prompted the southern states to secede? Election of 1860, Lincoln's election
What event began the Civil War? Firing on Fort Sumter
Name the 5 border states during the Civil War. West Virginia, Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware
The western counties of which state refused to secede from the Union? Virginia
Created by: Mrs. Estes
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