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Chapter 14 Vocab KL

People who leave a country. emigrant
People who settle in a new country. immigrant
The cheapest deck on a ship. steerage
Forces that push people out of their native lands and pull them to another place. push-pull factors
A severe shortage of food. famine
A negative opinion not based on facts. prejudice
Native born Americans who didn't want European influence in America. nativists
A writing style that stressed imagination, creativity, and emotion. romanticism
A school for the arts. Hudson River School
A philosophy that said the spiritual world is more important than the physical world. transcendentalism
A form of protest were people peacefully don't follow laws. civil disobedience
A meeting to reawaken religious faith. revival
A renewal of religious faith in the 1790's and early 1800's. Second Great Awakening
A campaign to stop the drinking of alcohol. temperance movement
A group of workers who band together to seek better working conditions. labor union
Stopping work to demand better working conditions. strike
He wanted more educational schools. Horace Mann
Reformed care for the mentally ill. Dorothea Dix
The movement to end slavery. abolition
An abolition speaker who was a former slave. Fredrick Douglass
An abolition speaker who was a former slave. Sojourner Truth
Slave escape routes from the South to the North. Underground Railroad
A slave that escaped and returned 19 times to free other slaves. Harriet Tubman
A female abolitionists. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
A meeting that men and women wrote the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution. Seneca Falls Convection
The right to vote. suffrage
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