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Absolute Monarchy System of government in which the ruler determines policy without consulting either the people or their representatives
Compass Insturment used for navigational purposes which includes a magnetized piece of metal that points to the north
Astrolabe insturment used to calculate latitude
Galley Long ships used for European costal trade
Commercial Revolution Changes and development in the European economy from 1400 to 1750, which improved ways of doing business
Joint-stock company Business organization that raised moneny by selling investores stock, or shares, in the company
Mercantilism Economic therory stating that there is a fixed amount wealth in the world and that in order to recieve a lager share, one country has to take some wealth away from another country
Favorable balance of trade Situation that exists when a country sells more goods than it buys from a foreign country
Tariffs Import taxes on foreign goods
Subsidy Government grants of money
Treaty of Tordesillas 1494 agreement spain and portugal dividing all newly discovered lands
Triangular trade System of trade involving three stages, one of which was the transalantic slave trade
Middle Passage Second stage of the triangular trade system term, which involved the shipping of slaves across the Alantic ocean to the americans
Viceroys Representatives of the spanish monarch in spain's colonial empire
Guerrilla warfare Military technique relying on swift raids by small bands of soilders
Tax farming selling the right to collect taxes to private individuals called tax farmers
Intendant Regional administrators of french provodince
Divine Right of Kings Beliefe that God ordained certain individuals to govern
Balance of Power Principle of maintaining equilibrium in international politics
Latitude Distance north or south of th equator. The word Longitude refers to distances east and west of the Prime Meridian. Latitude and longitude are measured in degrees.
What term has a prefix meaning "star, heavens, or outer space"? Astrolabe
What was the name of the early Europeans trade ship? Galley
Which navigational instrument uses a magnetized needle to determine direction? Compass
Which term refers to distance north or south of the equator? Latitude
What name was give to the second stage of the triangular trade system? Middle Passage
What was the military technique that relied on quick raids by small bands of soilders? Guerrilla Warfare
What is the term that describes the practice of selling to private individuals the right to collect taxes? Tax Farming
What term has a Latin origin that mens "to attend"? Intendent
What was the title given to the Spanish Momarch's representatives? Viceroys
What is the term that identifies a special tax on foreign goods that are imported into a country? Tariff
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