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history test chapt9


margin buying buy stocks on credit
Charles Lindbergh his 1927 solo flight from N.Y to Paris excited the nation
Mother Road Route 66, from Chicago to L.A.
Warren G. Harding very ineffectual US president in the 1920's
Ohio Gang Harding's corrupt political friends all from Ohio
Teapot Dome the oil-filled scandal that destroyed Harding's presidency
Black Tuesday the day the stock market collapsed, Oct 29, 1929
bank runs panicking people take their money out of the banks
Herbert Hoover president at the beginning of the depression
rugged individualism people, not the government, will solve economic problems
hoovervilles little shack and shanty towns
soup kitchens places where meals were offered to the needy
bread lines people waiting to receive free food
dust bowl 1920's drought that devastated US farm land
okies displaced farmers who went west looking for jobs
Why did Hoover keep the federal government from aiding the unemployment? not the governments job, it will illegally increase the size of the government, handouts would destroy the initiative and self-worth of people, federal help would bankrupt the nation
bonus army WWI veterans who asked for a cash payment in 1932 from the US government
gangsters criminal element popular in the 1920's and 30's
the crime of the century the Lindbergh baby kidnapping
Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected president in 1932, he would be elected 4 times
Roaring 20's post WWI youth-dominated decade
2 major economic choices in a society what should we make? what to buy?
what 3 problems led to the Great Depression? large economic gap in society, credit-buy now pay later, stock-investment in a company
speculation buying things in hopes that the value will go up in the future
Created by: Britney_09