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TX History ch 12

study guide

Comanche captive whose appearance helped start the Council House Fight Matilda Lockhart
the Father of Texas Stephen F. Austin
the first president of Texas Sam Houston
the Father of Education in Texas Mirabeau Lamar
Austin resident who started the Archives War Angelina Eberly
President Jackson granted official recognition of Texas March 3, 1837
President Lamar reversed President Houston's policies towards Native Americans
European countries wanted to limit the _________ expansion United States'
Refused to accept the treaty negotiated by their representatives and denied Cherokees title to their land The Senate of the Republic of Texas
trading center of the Upper Rio Grande that Texas wished to control Santa Fe
capital of Texas under Lamar Austin
small village later renamed Austin Waterloo
site designated as the capital of Texas for three years by the Congress of 1836 Houston
town attacked by Comanches to avenge the deaths at the Council House Fight Linnville
The end of the Regulator-Moderator War came when Houston urged a truce
The last president of Texas was Anson Jones
Henry M Morfit's report to President Jackson recommended delaying recognition of Texas
The Santa Fe expedition endured all of these hardships heat, lack of food and water, attacks by Native Americans
To stop raids by Native Americans, President Houston enlisted the help of the Texas Rangers
The 1845 joint resolution pleased most Texans because it made Texas a U.S. state
Provisions of the 1844 treaty Texas would give its public lands to the U.S., Texas would become a U.S. territory, the U.S. would pay all debts of the Republic of Texas
Expenditures money paid out
The victory of James Polk as president in 1844 may have indicated that most Americans favored the annexation of Texas
As a result of the Archives War the capital remained in Austin
President Houston did not run for a second consecutive term because the constitution forbade it
The Texas navy aided rebels in Yucatan who were fighting for independence from Mexico
the belief that the U.S. would expand from coast to coast Manifest Destiny
improving education was an important goal for Texas president Mirabeau Lamar
The congress took these steps to provide revenue for the rebublic impose land title fees, impose property and business taxes, place a tariff on various goods imported into Texas
Lamar believed that the Cherokees who settled in northeast Texas should be taxed on their property
person who traveled to Great Britain and France to negotiate treaties J. Pinckney Henderson
a major reason for delaying Texas annexation Mexico refused to recognize Texas independence
Comanches, led by Buffalo Hump, attacked Anglo settlers to avenge the deaths during the Council House Fight
At the end of Lamar's term, the public debt was $7 million
Created by: AHoldeman
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