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Other Acronyms


ACAA Air Carrier Access Act-Fed regs prohibite discrim by airports & lines on basis of disabil
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act-prohibits carrieres from discrim against disabl
ATC Air Traffic Control-arrivals & departsGov syst respons for controlling air traffic by regulating
BST Basic Station Training- OO traing for CS agents
CDC Center for Disease Control- Fed agen, in dept of health & heman services, Atl,Invest, diagn & tries to control or prevent disease9new & unusual
CFR Code of Fed Regulations-The codificaton of general & permanent rules & regs publ in Fed Register by Exec Dpts & agencies of US fed gov.
CMO Certificate Management Office- FAA office oversees air carrier's opertions.
COMAIL Company Mail- Co. Bus related envelopes transported internally from station to station on OO aircraft
DEICE Process of removing frozen contaminants from critical flight surfaces of aircraft.
DOT Dert of Transportation-Fed depart responsible for transportion laws & guidlines
EAP Employee Assistance Program-counceling service offered to all OO emps.
EPA Environmental Protection Agency- Independent fed agency est. to coord programs aimed at reduc pollution & protecting environ
E-TICKET Electr ticket used to represent the purchase of a seat on PAX airline
FA Flight Attendant- members of aircrew empl by airlines primarily to ensure safety but also comfort PAX on commer. flights
FAR Fed Aviation Regulations- rules prescribed by FAA governing all aviation activities in US Title 14 of CFR
FBI Fed Bur of Invest.-Police agency of US fed gov. responsible for investigation & preventing crimes in US
FBO Fixed Base Operator-Businesses offer aircraft refuel(line service)for reciprocating engine aircr fuel (10LL or Avgas) & turbine airct fuel (jet-a or Jet a1) parking, tiedown & comforts (restrm & phone)
FFOD First Flight of Day
FLIFO Flight Following-info regarding flight (time,PAX & cargo load, specials etc
FLOW An ATC delay in/out of a city, may be in min hrs of indefinite
FO First Officer- pilot 2nd in command, assists or relieves the PIC. Must be properly qualif & hold current effective airmans certif authorizing to serve as such, designated by Co. to serve as FO
FSDO Flight Standards District Office- regional office of US FAA. There are about 82 Reginal offices in US
GSE Ground Service Equipment-Equip used by empls to load & service aircraft
HAZMAT Hazerdous materials- Articles or Sunst. capable of posing sugnif rick to health, safety or property when transpoted on OO aircraft also DG/HM
HR Human Resources or Human Remains
IATA International Air Transport Assoc- Interntl trade group of airlines headq in Mntreal, Quebec Can.Mission to represent, lead & serve aieline indust.
ICAO Interntl Cival Aviation Org- UN agency concerned with civel aviation
JSA Jump Seat Authority- Policy permits qualified personnel to travel on OO aircraft
LOAD Doc of all items boarded on craft used by fl deck crew to determ. tolerable loading
MANIFEST Loading limits for departure (includes but not lim to : fuel, air cargo Baggage & PAX
NRSA Non-Revenue Space Available- Standby travel @ reduced rate. NRSA PAX can include OO emps & their eligibles & other airline emps
NRPS Non Revenue Positive Space- Confirmed air transp used by airline emps for bus. travel
OJT ON-the-Job-Training
ORM Other Related Material-A material not catig in hazmat classes 1-8, which presents a limited haz during transport, Catig under Class 9 hazmats
PAR Performance, Attitude Results- Keys to success in BST
PAWOB PAX Arriving w/o Baggage PAX arrives at dest. w/o baggaged due to Wt. restrict, missed connections, lost baggage etc
PNR Passenger Nme Record-Reservation containing PAX phone#, Name, itin, & ticketing info, May incl. SSR's
PCFA PAX Carrying Firearm-UA equv to LEO (law inforce officer)
PTI Positive Target Identification- Non-public info obtained during bomb threat or hijacking
SKD Schedule, shows arrival & depart times for flights
WCHR Wheelchair
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