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Unit #8

Industrial Revolution and Women's Suffrage

What century did the industrial revolution occur in? The 1800s
Who is Robert Fulton? He invented the steamship
Who is Samuel Slater? He invented the first factories
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
Define suffrage: The right to vote
Define cottage industry: a business done within the home
Define URBAN: cities
What is a MILL? a factory
Where does the word "gin" come from? engine
Who invented the assembly line (mass production)? Eli Whitney
What was the first product used for interchangeable parts? guns
What is a suffragette? a person who fought for women's right to vote
What 2 women were suffragettes? Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
Define Revolution: A time of great change in society
Where was the first textile mill opened in North America? Pawtucket, Rhode Island
What area of the country had America's factories? The northeast
What decreased during the industrial revolution? skilled craftsmen
Why was the assembly line important? goods are produced cheaply and quickly
What are textiles made out of? cotton
What is cotton's nickname? King Cotton
list the three great industrialists: whitney, slater & fulton
Who invented mass production? eli whitney
What raw material did the first mill in America deal with? cotton
What declined when mills were opened? agriculture
where did craftsmen generally work? in the home
What AREA of the United States gave women suffrage first? The West
What state gave women suffrage first? Wyoming
Why would the West give women suffrage before the East? because there wasn't enough people out west to vote
Who is the "HE" in the original Declaration of Independence? King George
Who is the "HE" in the women's Declaration of Independence? All men
What two words did the women add to the preamble of their Declaration? and women
What state was the women's Declaration of Independence written in? New York
What is the name of the women's Declaration of Independence? Declaration of Sentiments
If you want to vote, you want: suffrage
Before cotton replaced it, what was the southern crop requiring the most slave labor? tobacco
Where does the name "GIN" come from? engine
What does the Hudson River flow into? the Atlantic Ocean
What is the first canal built in America called? Erie Canal
What state is the first canal built in America in? New York
"Feeling like a tool" can best be used to describe: factory workers
Connect the first canal: Mississippi to the Great Lakes (Ohio River Valley), to the Hudson River to the Atlantic Ocean
What type of economy does the South have? Agrarian
If you are going to make TEXTILES what RAW MATERIAL do you need? cotton
What power source was used to operate factories? steam
when did southern cotton become profitable? with the invention of the cotton gin
what was the cheapest way to transport goods during the industrial revolution? shipping
What did men do in the factories during the industrial revolution? supervised the women and children
where did many of the women and children who worked in the mills come from? Ireland & Italy
Where were most of the essential items made during colonial times? in the home
what was a natural industry for American seaport towns? shipping
In colonial America what was the # 1 economic activity? agriculture
How did the industrial revolution effect the American economy? it created new wealth and new classes
Define AGRARIAN: agriculture
what crop made the south wealthy: cotton
How did early American industrialists solve the problem of finding workers? they hired women & children
What effect did the cotton gin have on slavery? slavery increased & slaves had to work harder
what are the items needed for an industrial revolution? raw material, factory, cheap labor, transportation
Created by: rsweeney