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History 2012

the first 100 days the fed. gov. took new roles (99 day long special session of congress)
Brain trust Roosevelt's Advisers consisted of lawyers, uni. proff's, social workers
NIRA destructive competition had worsened industry's economic woes; authorized competing business's to cooperate in crafting industry wide codes
AAA established national system of crop controls. Subsidies (grant paid by gov. to benefit pub.) to farmers who agrd to lmt production. Tighter fed. control of economic planning. Recieved $ for not planting/destroying crops (provd farmers same purchasing pwr-
National Recovery Admin Businesses that adhere to "codes" could display the "Blue Eagle", the NRA symbol. Government said: Boycott bsns that doesn't have Blue Eagle!. Similar to associationism; big bsns easily dominated NRA mandated cartels. DID NOT DELIVER ECONOMIC RECOVERY.
AAA cont'd -they had in WWII. 8.5 million piglets killed. Plowed under crops in fields. Hopes of landlords keeping their tenants on land even while cutting prod. were not fulfilled. AAA = UNCONSTITUTIONAL but too popular with those who elect rep's.
Emergency Banking Relief Bill provd fed. author. to reopen banks who met financial obligations and reorganize rest. "drove $ changers out of capitol and now they're back!". Hoover conservative approach.
Civilian Conservation Corps Paid unmarried men $1 to do hard outdoor labor (public works proj's) Native americans did it too!
Public Works Admin Created by title II of the NIR (created Coulee Dam, Triborough Dam). 3.3 billion dollahs for pub works! PWA pump fed. $$$ into economy!
ALL leaders o/ sev. major corp's joined w/ former presidential candidates AL smith and disaffected conservative Democrats to establish the ALL. Against new Deal Radicalism. Gave $$$ to racist groups (circulated incendiary pic's of first lady w/ AFR AMER)
Father Charles Coughlin Roman catholic priest; radio sermon; appealed to fears of people who believed that they had lost control of their lives to distant elites and impersonal forces. Anti-Semitic! Peoples woes is a fault of international conspiracy of Jewish bankers!
Dr. Francis E. Townsend thrown out of work at age 67; elderly= no support > $200 a month pension plan; financed by new transaction (sales) tax. Poor give money to elderly. 20 million signed petitions.
Huey Long gov. of Luisiana "Every man a king but noone wears a crown". Stopped supporting New Deal (belvd that Roosevelt had fell captive to big bsns).
Share our Wealth Society (HL) Seizure, by taxation, of all income exceeding 1 million dollahs in excess of 5 million dollahs pr family. From these funds= family [2000$] and Homestead allowance [5000$] >> 1 million members!
2nd new deal Roosevelt introduced range of Progressive programs aimed at providing "greater security for avrg man then he has ever known before n the history of america"
Black Cabinet leader Mcleod Bethune; many afr. amer. held important. pos. in ND agencies and cabinet lvl departments = black cabinet.
ERAA Emergency Relief Appropro Act; resettled needy families and reorganized rural homestead communities and suburban greenbelt towns for low income workers
WPA Works Progress Admin; employed people to build pub. works proj.'s; irrigation systems, pools, renovated schools, hospitals, nurseries, etc. Also taught adults to read and write.
Fed theater, Fed Art, Fed moozic, Fed Writers Proj. Past & Present -> Bio's, murals, John Steinbeck, Richard Wreight --> These are our Lives (sharecroppers and textile workers) WFP [fed writers proj]
Social Security ACT (SSA) rosy's long term strategy--> 2nd new deal legistlation --> a fed. system to provide for the social welfare of the AMER. CITIZENS. fed. pension system in which eligible workers paid mandatory Social Security taxes on their wages and their employers...
SSA CONT'D ...contributed an equiv. amount; workers got fed. retirement benefits. SSA created: co-op fed-state system of unemployment compensation and Aid to Dependant Children (AFDC Aid to families with dependant children) for needy kids w/ no dads. saved many
WTA wealth tax act; roosevelt supported; raised income tax of wealthy. slight redistrubition of $$$. new tax on bsns profits and increased taxes on inheritances, large gifts, and profits from sale of property.
election of 1936 roosevelt won presidency (dfted ALF LANDON) ; two party system going to collapse!? rosy + democrats = NEW DEAL COALITION. new friendship consisted of urban masses (espcly east/south europe), reorganized labor, 11 states of confed. ("solid south"), north..
election of 1936 cont;d ...blacks. NEW DEAL BENEFITS DREW AFR. AMER. AWAY FROM REPUB. PARTY.
NLRA (wagner) NATIONAL labor relations act: guaranteed workers the right to organize unions and to bargain collectively. outlawed unfair labor practices (firing workers who joined unions, prohibited management from sponsoring company unions). required employers to...
NLRA (wagner) cont'd ...bargain with labor's elected union rep's to set wages, hrs, working conditions. created NLRB.
NLRB National Labor Relations Board; key role in mediating disputes. w/ fed. protection, membership grew. organizers in coal fields told minders "ROSY WANTS U TO JOIN! :D" and they did.
Craft vs industry division b/t craft and industry unions in U.S. craft rep'd labor's elite (skld workers in particular trade [ex: carpentry]). Industrial workers rep'd all works, skld unskld, in a gvn industry. 1930s=industry grown dramatically.
John Lewis head of the United Mine Workers and the nations most prominent labor leader, resigned as vice president of the AFL.
CIO created by JL, COMMITTEE FOR INDUSTRIAL ORG. ; afl suspended all CIO unions. slightly renamed, CONGRESS FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATIONS included women and people of color in its membership. union mebership gave these marginal workers grater employmen...
CIO CONT;D ....t secuirty and the benefits of collective bargaining.
UNITED AUTO WORKERS UAW, an industrial union, demanded recognition from General Motors, GM, Chrysler and FORD. when GM refused, they had a sit down strike. workers at fisher body plant went on strike inside. michigan's gvner refused to send national Guard. UAW VICTORIOUS!
Memorial Day Massacre on memorial day; group of picnicking workers and their families marched towards the Republic steel plant in chicago (show support for strikers on picket line in front of plant). Police blocked their way, marchers threw something, 10 were killed, seven...
MDM cont'd ...shot in back. 30 wounded; 1 woman, 3 kids. Chicago Tribune blamed marchers.
Bureau of Reclamation obscure agency= prvd irggiation for small farms and ranches; expanded= large multipurpose dams that controlled entire river systems.
Taylor Grazing Act restrictions on rancher's use of pub. lands for grazing stock. fed. stock reduc. prog. probably saved west cattle industry BUT destroyed Navajos by forcing them to reduce size of sheep herds on fed. protec. reservation lands.
TGA cont'd farms and ranches benefit from fed. subsidies and crop supports thru AAA but it also increased fed. gov. control in region.
Bureau of Indian affairs BIA, lots of corruption, seperated kids from parents, suppressed native lang, outlawed tribal religious prac's. not successful!!
John Collier founder of AIDA
AIDA American indian defence ageny; completely reverse course of amer. indian polcy
Indian Reorganization Act ended the forced assimilation of native peoples and restoring indian lands to tribal ownership; gave fed. recog. to tribal gov. 'INTERNAL SOVERIGNTY" (ALL MATTERS NOT SPEC. LMTD BY ACTS OF CONGRESS)
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority; authorized in first 100 days. TVA= develop water and hydroelectric power project similar to the multipurpose dams of the West; control flooding and produce electric power for region. promoted economic development, helped...
TVA cont'd ...bring electricity to rural areas, restored fields worn out from overuse, and fought malaria
NLRB V JONES & Laughlin Steel corp In this case, the National Labor Relations Board charged the Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. with discriminating against employees who were union members.
Scottsboro Boys The Scottsboro Boys were nine black teenage boys accused of rape in Alabama in 1931. The landmark set of legal cases from this incident dealt with racism and the right to a fair trial. The case includes a frameup, all-
Scottsboro Boys cont'd white jury, rushed trials, an attempted lynching, and miscarriage of justice.
Daughters of the American Revolution The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a lineage-based membership organization for women who are descended from a person involved in United States' independence.
Southern Tenant Farmer's Union black tenants and sharecroppers joined with poor whites
Don't buy where you can't work Harlem Tenants league fought rent increases and evictions, afr. amer. consumers boycott white merchants who refused to hire blacks as clerks.
BROTHERHOOD OF SLEEPING car PORTERS under leadership of randolph, fought for rights of black workers.
Created by: Lucindafa
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