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Chapter 6 unit test

In what year was Britain in debt an why were they in debt. They were in debt in 1763 because of the cost of the Seven Years War and because they wanted to keep troops and soldiers in the Thirteen Colonies.
What did Britain do to solve there issue? They raised taxes in the Thirteen Colonies so they could pay off there debt.
What did the Thirteen Colonies do? They refused to pay the taxes because they thought that Britain had no right to give out taxes because the colonist could vote for an elected representatives.
In what year did the small protest turn into a rebellion? Who led the rebellion? The rebellion started in 1775 and George Washington, the first president of the U.S , led it.
When did the U.S declare itself independent of Britain? (the start of the war) when did it end? The war started in 1775 and lasted to 1783
What were people who supported Britain called? And what about the people who supported the U.S? People who supported Britain were called United Empire Loyalist. People who supported U.S were called Patriots.
What does it mean to be in debt? You owe money.
What does it mean to be a refugee? A person who travels to a different country for safety because it is to dangerous to stay in there own country.
Why did most of the British Loyalists move from the Thirteen Colonies to British Colonies? Because it wasn't safe for them to be living with there enemies.
Where the people who supported Britain only British? No, there were black, German Mennonites and Haudenosaunee Loyalists.
How did the Loyalists migration affect the French who were already living in British Colonies? There were many people moving, so there was a lot of people. It was hard also, because many of the people living in the Colonies were french and the loyalists were British.
How did the Loyalist Migration affect the First Nations? Most of the Loyalists were farmers, and they still had to make a living in the British Colonies. Nova Scotia didn't have good farm land, so they went to farm in Mi'kmaq hunting and fishing ground.
What did Britain do to resolve the issue in Nova Scotia? Britain made new colonies in Nova Scotia, one along the St. John River called New Brunswick. New Brunswick had British customs for the loyalists.
What did Britain do to resolve the issue in Québec? They made upper and lower Canada. Britain customs in lower and French customs in Upper
How was Britain negatively affected by by the situation? They had to maintain the rights of the British Loyalists because they were on there side, but they had to maintain the rights of the French people living in the British Colonies because of the Quebec act of 1774
Who fought against each other in the war of 1812? British North America and the United States.
When France viciously dethroned there monarchy in 1789, what did other countries in Europe feel and do? They felt like if they didn't keep there subjects happy, the same thing would happen to them and they didn't like the example that France was setting for the other countries, so they fought back
Who were the wars named after and why? They were named after Napoleon because he supported the French Republic and he gained control of a lot of land in Europe
What year did the wars in Europe make fights in North America 1812
What did Britain do against France and the U.s. ? It blocked trade routes between France and the U.S. so they couldn't trade.
What did the U.S. do to get back at Britain? It declared war on the closest piece of British land, British North America.
When the U.S. invaded British North America, it thought that the French Inhabitants would fight with them. But instead they fought back. Why is that? Because the French Colonists were Catholic, and the church said not to fight back. So they defended Britain.
Why was Montréal an important place for upper and lower Canada? It had key supplies and a good communication source between upper and lower Canada
Did First Nations support the U.S. or Britain? Tecumseh supported Britain because there long time enemy was the U.S. and they fought with the British.
What does genealogist mean? a person who studies family trees
What does lineage mean? It means ancestry or family line
what does petition mean? It means to ask for something in a formal manner
What does revolution mean? A fast and often vicious change in a government system
What does it mean to be a republic? To have a government with out a monarchy
What does immigration mean? To move and establish citizen ship in a country that ins't your native country.
What does reserve mean? Land that is set aside for First Nations to use
In what year was the Constitutional Act established. What did it state? It was established in 1791 and it divided Québec into upper and lower Canada
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