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* Cook 8 Canada Gov

Canada's central government shares power with its 10 provinces. This is an example of what type of government? Federal
NAFTA was designed to remove what? trade barriers
Why is Canada one of the United States' major trading partner? location
In Canada, the citizens elect members of Parliament. Then, who does Parliament elect? Prime Minister
It is important for the U.S. and Canada to solve the shared pollution issue where? Great Lakes
In Canada, citizens have the freedom to vote for which items? Issues Parliament Regional Govt.
Since Canada gained independence through non-violent means, this period was known as what? Quiet Revolution
Most Canadians live where? near U.S.
Very few Canadians live in the northern regions of Canada because of its very cold what ? climate
Which country became part of Great Britain in 1763? Canada
What helped trade between Canada, U.S., and Mexico even though the Mexican Zapatistas were aginst it? NAFTA
Canada's government has worked with factories and automobile makers to reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the air. Reducing pollution in the air will also reduce what? Acid Rain
Parliament, Canada's law making body, is also called what? legislature
Canadians wanting Quebec to become their own country are known as what? Separatist
How did Canada gain its independence? peacefully
What primary language is spoken in Quebec? French
Parliament is made up of three parts. Along with the Queen, what are the other two parts? House of Commons Senate
When too much timber is extracted it can lead to what? deforestation
Who elects Canada's Prime Minister? Parliament
Where does the extraction of the majority of Canada's natural resources come from? Canadian Shield
Which Canadian river allowed French and English explorers to travel deep into North America? St. Lawrence River
A monarch holds no power. Who is the monarch in the Parliament of Canada? Queen
Canada has a Parliamentary Democracy. What type of government does the U.S. have? Presidential Democracy
Which Canadian province has French as its official language? Quebec
What type of government does Canada have? Parliamentary Democracy
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