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Mash GA I Quiz 3 B

Mash GA I Quiz 3 questions 80 thru 160

Injury to this specific nerve could produce anaesthesia over the lateral part of the posterior hand and the posterior surface of radial 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 digits over proximal phalanx; no muscles would be affected. Superficial Branch of the Radial Nerve
innervates the superior belly of the omohyoid muscle c1 dorsal ramus
Innervation of the brachialis. Musculocutaneus Nerve
Innervation of the latissimus dorsi. Thoracodorsal Nerve
Innervation of the levator scapulae. Dorsal Scapular Nerve, Spinal Nerves
Innervation of the opponens pollicis Median Nerve
Innervation of the palmaris brevis Ulnar Nerve
Innervation of the pectoralis minor muscle. Medial Pectoral Nerve
Innervation of the platysma muscle. Facial Nerve (CN VII)
Innervation of the rhomboid muscle. Dorsal Scapular Nerve
Innervation of the serratus anterior muscle. Long Thoracic Nerve
Innervation of the subclavius muscle. Subclavian Nerve
Innervation of the Subscapularis M Upper and Lower Subscapular Ns.
Innervation of the trapezius. Accessory n. (CNXI) spinal part (motor) C3,4 spinal nn.
Innervation of the triceps brachii. Radial Nerve
Insertion of anconeous. Olecranon Process & Upper Posterior Surface of the Ulna
Insertion of extensor carpi radialis Longus - Base of 2nd Metacarpal; Brevis - Base of 3rd Metacarpal
Insertion of extensor carpi radialis brevis Base of 3rd Metacarpal
Insertion of extensor carpi radialis longus. Base of the 2nd Metacarpal
insertion of extensor expansion 4 phalanges
Insertion of extensor expansion lumbricals of the hand, extensor indicis m., dorsal and plamar interossei; and retinacular ligament
Insertion of extensor expansion. Sides and Shafts of the middle and distal phalanx of the 4 fingers
Insertion of extensor pollicis brevis. Base of Proximal Phalanx of Thumb
Insertion of flexor carpi ulnaris. Pisiform Carpal Bone, Hamate Carpal Bone, Base of 5th Metacarpal
Insertion of flexor pollicis longus. Distal Phalanx of Thumb
Insertion of latissimus dorsi. Bicipital Groove of Humerus
Insertion of palmaris longus. Palmar Aponeurosis & Flexor Retinaculum
Insertion of pectoralis minor m. Coracoid Process of the Scapula
Insertion of pronator quadratus distal 4th of anterior radius
Insertion of pronator teres. Middle Lateral Shaft of Radius
Insertion of serratus anterior. Vertebral Border of Scapula - Anterior Surface
Insertion of serratus POSTERIOR inferior Ribs 8-12 Inferior Border
Insertion of Subscapularis M. lesser tubercle of humerus
Insertion of teres minor. Inferior facet of the greater tubercle of the humerus
insertion of trapezius UPPER: lateral 1/3 of Clavicle and the Acromion of Scapula MIDDLE: Spine of the Scapula LOWER: Root of Spine of Scapula
L1 spinal nerve forms the ________ and ________ nerves and contributes to the genitofemoral nerve. Iliohypogastric Nerve, Ilioinguinal Nerve
Ligament of elbow joint that prevents adduction of the joint. Radial Collateral Ligament
Ligament of the shoulder immediately deep to subscapularis tendon; it has superior, middle, and inferior parts; IMPORTANT: It does NOT attach to coracoid process. Glenohumeral Ligament
Ligament that holds the tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii in a groove. Transverse Humeral Ligament
Ligament that medially reinforces the articular capsule of the elbow joint Ulnar Collateral
Ligament torn in hyperadduction of the wrist. Radial Collateral Ligament
Ligament which attaches at the lesser and greater tubercles of the humerus and forms a retinaculum for the tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii. Transverse humeral ligament
Muscle inserting into the styloid process of the radius, it provides flexion of the elbow in the neutral position. Brachioradialis
Muscle that compresses the cheeks as in blowing and mastication. Buccinator
Muscle that draws the scalp posteriorly and raises eyebrows as in the expression of surprise. Occipital Frontalis
Muscle that has a superior attachment to the posterior surface of the lower sternum and an interior attachment to the internal surface of the costal cartilages 2-6. Transversus Thoracis
Muscle that originates below the radial notch on posterior ulna and posterior capsule; it inserts between anterior and posterior oblique lines on anterior surface of proximal radius supinator m.
Muscle that originates from the posterior ulna, radius and interosseous membrane; it inserts into the base of the 1st MC. Abductor Pollicus Longus
Muscle that raises the CORNER of the mouth as in the expression of disdain. Levator Anguli Oris
Muscle that raises the upper lip ONLY. Levator Labii Superioris
Muscle which acts as a PRIMARY fixator during contraction of the deltoid. Trapezius (Middle & Lower)
Muscle which depresses the angle of the mouth producing wrinkles on skin of neck. Platysma
Muscle which inserts into the UPPER lip and moves the upper lip upward and outward Zygomaticus Minor
Muscle which raises upper lip and dilates nares. Levator Labii Superioris Nasi
muscle whose long tendon is often used for tendon repair; it is also sometimes absent Palmaris Longus
Muscle with the origin off lateral epicondyle and insertion on olecranon process. Aconeous Muscle
muscles in the ant. forearm that form the intermediat layer flexor digitorum superficialis
muscles used to draw the scapl posteriorly and raises eyebrows as in the expression of surprise occipitofrontalis
muscles which form rotator cuff supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minior, subscapularis (SITS)
Name 2 bursae associated with the superior and/or anterior part of the shoulder joint. Subclavicular Bursae, Subacrominal Bursae (fused with Subdeltoid Bursa)
Name 2 Ligaments that connect the scapula and the clavicle. Acromioclavicular Ligament & Coracoclavicular Ligament
Name 3 hypothenar muscles. Flexor digiti minimi, Opponens digiti minimi, abductor digiti minimi
Name give to the terminal end of the ulnar artery. Superficial Palmar Arch
Name given to the CONNECTIVE TISSUE covering the smallest unit of a muscle visible to the naked eye perimysium
Name the 2 branches given off by an intercostal nerve that penetrates the intercostal muscles to supply the skin. Lateral Cutaneous Nerve, Anterior Cutaneous Nerve
Name the abductors of the humerus. Supraspinatus, Middle Deltoid
Name the abductors of the wrist. Flexor Carpi Radialis, Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus
name the branches of the subscapular artery circumflex scapular artery and thoracodorsal a.
Name the DEEPEST pronator of the forearm. Pronator Quadratus
Name the depressors of the scapula pectoralis minor, lower trapezius
Name the direct branches of the 3rd part of the axillary artery. Posterior humeral circumflex artery, anterior humeral circumflex artery, subscapular artery
Name the direct branches of the thyrocervical trunk. Inferior Thyroid Artery, Transverse Cervical Artery, Suprascapular Artery
Name the downward rotators of the scapula. Levator Scapula, Rhomboids, Pectoralis minor, Latissimus Dorsi
Name the elevators of the scapula. Levator Scapula & Upper Trapezius
Name the extensors of the elbow. Triceps Brachii, Anconeous - Assists
Name the extensors of the humerus. Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major, Posterior Deltoid, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Triceps Brachii (long head), Pectoralis Major (sternal head)
Name the extensors of the wrist. Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus, Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis, Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
Name the flexors of the wrist. Flexor Carpi Radialis, Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, Palmaris Longus, Flexor digitorum superficialis, flexor digitorum profundus
Name the HORIZONTAL aBductors of the humerus. posterior deltoid
Created by: AnatomyMash