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Literary terms OK


Questioncal person,event or work
What is an alusion a refrence to a famous historical or fictonal person,event, or work example when merctuio talks about queen mab befor the party because romeo was whinning about his love sickness from roasaline Act 1 scene 4
what is aside a dramactic coversation where the audiance hears and whispers a remark to his or her friend while the other actors cant hear it Example when samson and greygory are talking about bitting their thumb at abram during the start of the fight Act 1 scene 1
what is a blank verse poetry written in unryhmed iambic pentameter example Proglue is the best example of this
What is comic relief a funny moment where a charcter adds comedy before lowering more drama. Example the severant coudlnt read so romeo read to him the note he wasnt supposed to know about the Capulets party. act 1 scene 3
what is a couplet two ryhmed lines example usually when they end a scene ACT 1 scene 2 romeo when he agrees to go to the party
what is dramtic irony the audince knows something that some actors dont know example Romeo and Juilet meet,fall and love and kiss before they realize that their love is doomed act 1 scene 5
what is epithet a exclammation statement example "Strike drum!" said Benvilo Act 1 scene 4
what is foil diffrences between 2 people example Tybalt because he is hot headed and ready for a fight while Benvolio a peacful guy who likes to avoid confilict Act 1 scene 1
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