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Chapter 11 Vocab

cloth or fabric textile
parts made by a machine to be exactly the same size and shape interchangeable parts
making many products at the same time mass production
amount of goods and services produced by workers in a certain amount of time productivity
a person who takes risks to start a business entrepreneur
a wide spread shortage of food famine
an action that makes something better reform
controlling or cutting back on the drinking of alcohol temperance
unfair treatment that abuses someone's rights injustice
the act of joining two countries or pieces of land together annexation
the belief that the U.S. should spread across the entire North American continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Coast manifest destiny
where fighting takes place in a war front
something that is given up cession
a line of covered wagons that travel together wagon train
a miner that went to California around 1849 forty-niner
takes place when many people hurry to the same area to look for gold gold rush
a town who's population grows quickly boomtown
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